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The B00M Bap City Drum Kit Library has all brand new Hard Hitting Drum Sounds ! Thanks to our sound engineers who go to a major Studios to have this work done and the Results are amazing as the Drum Sounds have characteristics that are warm and Punchy on some channels and clean and ambient on others.
Trade secrets and professionally mixed and mastered drum librarys will have your productions soaring to the next level. Feel the bass of parallel compressing techniques and many more methods used by todays pros to bring you these Hard Hitting Drum Sounds.

Grab some Legendary and Powerful BIG SOUNDS – The B00M Bap City Drum Kit is bringing you a whole new range of tones, textures, and performance possibilities for your lab to get the B00M Bap Sound.
Professionally mixed and mastered will give you out the box THICK Drum samples. Add warmth and punch to your sound, without relying on outboard gear.
Power Packed with custom one shot Kick Drums , Snares, Cymbals, Tamborines, Percussion, closed High hats, Open High Hats + VIP B00M Bap City Maschine Kits, B00M Bap City Loops ,This collection is a full-service producer ” Go to Kit ” station.

Size: 2.12GB | 10/13/15

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All the drum sounds and Loops are arranged in neat separate labeled folders to gets you up and running right away, you’ll be impressed with this Sample collection so get your copy today for your Software or Hardware Samplers and you will be glad you did

Library Contains:

B00M Bap City Maschine Vinyl Kits ( 20 )

01. Campanino Kit
02. Dee Dee Kit
03. Dirty Drug Kit
04. Drukwerk Kit
05. Fealess Flash Kit
06. Jazzy Break Loop Kit
07. Ki Thomas Kit
08. Lady Drum Kit
09. Mariano Kit
10. Mickeyz Brew Kit
11. Night Marcherz Kit
12. Pacific Kit
13. Petit Et Son Kit
14. Robbins Sport Kit
15. Strange Kit
16. Tubby Kit
17. Tutt & Jim Kit
18. Ungar Kit
19. Wen Der Kit
20. Yamashita Kit
21. Maschine 2.X Artwork

+ Every Kits Wav. Samples

Vinyl Resource Crates ( 3 ) Vinyl Loops ( 59 )

01. B00M Bap City Vinyl Crate 1 Vinyl Loops (17 Loops)

[ B00M Bap City Barry Salty Loop, B00M Bap City Bernard Loop,B00M Bap City Fearless Loop,
B00M Bap City Franco Loop,B00M Bap City Great Pride Loop,B00M Bap City Hawshaw Loop,
B00M Bap City Joe Ki Loop,B00M Bap City Lupi Loop, B00M Bap City Maskerade Loop,
B00M Bap City Micallzzi Loop,B00M Bap City Mother Freedom Loop,B00M Bap City Oiseau
Loop,B00M Bap City RMO Loop,B00M Bap City Roba Loop,B00M Bap City Stranger loop,
B00M Bap City Tutt & Keltner Loop,B00M Bap City Yamashita Loop ]

02. B00M Bap City Vinyl Crate 2 Vinyl Loops ( 29 Loops )

[ B00M Bap City Moses Loop,B00M Bap City Night Loop,B00M Bap City Wen Der Urlaub Loop,B00M Bap City Ashes Loop,
B00M Bap City Beams Loop,B00M Bap City Bearings Loop,B00M Bap City Beggar Loop,B00M Bap City Berry Trio Loop,
B00M Bap City Black Man Loop,B00M Bap City Bubble Gum Loop,B00M Bap City Claude Loop,B00M Bap City Faded Loop,
B00M Bap City Ferrante Loop,B00M Bap City Image Loop,B00M Bap City Inner City Loop,B00M Bap City Larry Stud Loop,
B00M Bap City Les Cry Loop,B00M Bap City Lyn Loop,B00M Bap City Mason Loop,B00M Bap City Night Loop,
B00M Bap City Oliver Loop,B00M Bap City Ponder Loop,B00M Bap City Pulp Loop,B00M Bap City Puzzle Loop,
B00M Bap City Sammy Loop,B00M Bap City Stein Loop,B00M Bap City Tense Loop,B00M Bap City Warwick Loop,
B00M Bap City Wind Mill Loop ]

03. B00M Bap City Vinyl Crate 3 Vinyl Loops ( 17 Loops )

[ B00M Bap City Congregation Loop.B00M Bap City Dirty Drugs Loops,B00M Bap City Drummin Drum Loop,B00M Bap City Extra Drum Break Loops,
B00M Bap City Fat Fellow Loop, B00M Bap City Flower Dance Loop,B00M Bap City Head West Loop,B00M Bap City Johnson Loop,
B00M Bap City Metropole Loop,B00M Bap City Mudfoot Loop,B00M Bap City Pacific Orchestra Loop,B00M Bap City Tibetian Serenity Loop,
B00M Bap City Tubby Loop ]

59 vinyl loops + 20 Maschine 2 B00M Bap City Drum Kits !!!
Pre-Taged and Filtered for Maschine


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