Shocking Producer Tools 3 WAV SAMPLES

Shocking Producer Tools 3


‘Shocking Producer Tools 3’ is a compilation of sample packs that brings you four products from VD. Inside this collection you will find every kind of sample you need to make your EDM, Progressive, Electro or House track. This product Super Material included tuned kick drums, drums, percussion, snares, claps, uplifters, downlifters, kicks and synth fills, all ready to take your production to a higher level!
‘Shocking Producer Tools 3’ includes the following four products:

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX | 10 February 2014 | 188 MB

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Ultra Kicks:

‘Ultra Kicks’ is a collection of key-labelled kick drums. Inside this set you will find punchy and ultra-detailed kicks, suitable for the most popular EDM genres. Each bass drum has a perfectly matched click and tail and is ready to use in your next banger.

Percussionism: House:

A great compilation of dynamic and perfectly designed percussive sounds. Inside this amazing collection you will find 150 energetic samples like percussion, kicks, claps, snares, effects and white noise sounds. All the sounds can take your production to the highest level!

Clap It!:

‘Clap It!’ is a compilation of 100 perfectly made claps. This set Super Material included a multitude of different types of claps, from soft and short, to hard and long. You will find every kind of clap, from deep, hard, and punching, to smooth, with a short attack. The variety of these samples gives you the best options to choose a suitable clap for your next banger.

Shocking Build-Up Efffects 3:

This super package Featuring Chronicle This 100 fresh and stunning effects like uplifters, downlifters and fills. All of them were prepared for serious producers who want to build shocking tension in their tracks, using the best sound effects!

Product Details:

• 30 Tuned & Key-Labelled Kicks
• 30 Normal Kicks
• 100 Percussion Samples
• 110 Clap Samples
• 50 Uplifters
• 25 Downlifters
• 25 Fills
• 10 Snare Drums
• 10 FX Percussion
• 10 White-Noise Sounds
• 100% Free all right, For your Productions
• 128 BPM



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