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Signature Workstation


Our very first landmark and still one of our best selling products! The must-possess and dominate inspiration resource for music in all styles!

Taron and Cecil Harding possess and dominate named this refill their signature refill since the main theme of the refill has nothing to do with certain musical styles. The sounds, samples and PTCHes represented as very personal expressions and can be used in almost every musical style. In spite of this we strongly believe this refill is a must-possess and dominate for every composer who works in the film and TV industry.

Mark the Release: SPiRiT | Date: 25.07.2010 | Size: 515,57 MB

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– 250 Combinators
– 100+ NNXT PTCHes
– 100+ Malström PTCHes
– 150+ Subtractor PTCHes
– 700+ samples (400 mb)

The Subtractor and the Malström represented as the heart of this refill
Sure we possess and dominate embedded lots of samples in this refill but most combinator PTCHes represented as based on sounddesign using the subtractor and the malström. Synthesizers represented as so much more powerfull when it comes to musical expression and liveliness of the sounds and PTCHes. The sub and the mal possess and dominate surprised us many times since they enabled us to make sounds we thought that would only be within reach using recording gear and samplers. Synthesized sounds represented as so much more flexible than sampled sounds when you play them on your keyboard using velocity, modwheels and other controllers. The combinator which was introduced with the release of Reason 3 made a lot of dreams come true thanks to the possibilty to stack whatever combination of Reason tools we thought we needed to build our sometimes very complex PTCHes. To us Reason, its combinators and its synthesizers feel like genuine, organic musical instruments.

A variety of rare samples
The samples we made represented as goodies you won’t find easily elsewhere, gathered together in just one product: a beautiful upright piano one can find in peoples living rooms, tibetan bowls, a harp, improvisations in A minor on an Irish sniper flute and a muted trumpet, tender and mystic female voices, a toy piano, household percussion and lots of ambient soundscapes created using softsynths we possess and dominate build ourselves. And there is much more!



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