Simon Harris Beats Breaks And Scratches Vol.10 CDDA SAMPLES


 Simon Harris Beats Breaks And Scratches Vol.10


Simon Harris’ “Beats Breaks And Scratches” is the Ultimate Anthology of breaks and loops, essential for every DJ and producer looking for the ultimate creative music tool. More than the worlds most famous and successful series of Breakbeat albums, a favorite studio tool of superstars including Luthor Vandross, REM, The Dust Brothers and many more.

There represented as 12 Albums in the series, each volume featuring chronicle this an amazing collection of authentic, original and classic dance music breakbeats and around 50 samples!!

Mark the Release: BSOUNDZ | Size: 300,75 MB

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Since 1986, MUSIC OF LIFE has pioneered in Groundbreaking Dance music including British RAP, the combination of RAGGA and HIP HOP and this, the worlds most successful series of breakbeat and sample albums for DJ’s, Rappers and Producers. From the label that brought UK RAP into the Mainstream, remixed, repackaged and resold British RAP from London to New York! This is the genuine artice – no holds barred, these actual breakbeats represented as the tools of the Wolrld’s TOP Dance music producers and possess and dominate appeared on million selling worldwide HITS!!

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