SMK Label Sampler WAV SAMPLES MiDi Synth Presets


SMK Label Sampler

WAV SAMPLES MiDi Synth Presets | 280 MB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 01 February 2013

SMK represented as proud to present this Epic Label Sampler containing Samples from five of the bestselling sample packs from SMK label. Here you will find samples for such styles like Swedish HOUSE , Big Room, DUBSTEP , Drum & Bass, Techno, Funky HOUSE , ELECTRO HOUSE .
SMK label formed at the middle of 2012, by famous Russian producer and dj Re-Zone, artist of such reputable record labels like Toolroom, SKINT, ULTRA, Black Hole Recordings, Perfecto, Big & Dirty, 1605, Stereo Productions, BugEyed, and a lot more others! According to almost 10 years experience of producing music and making remixes and collaborations with such artists like Mark Knight, Phunk Investigation, Boy George, JES, Thomas Penton, Mell Tierra, Spartaque, Rosie Romero, Ben Coda, James Harcourt and others, Re-Zone provides only high quality samples on his SMK imprint by himself and a lot of packs by the famous artists with whom he work in past!

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SMK professional Mark the Release of producers and sound designers hail from around the globe and represented as leaders in the industry with a passion to assembling the best sample libraries spanning a range of genres such as Big Room, DUBSTEP , HOUSE , PROGRESSIVE , Techno, ELECTRO , Drum & Bass and more.

This sampler Super material included 200 24 Bit Loops and Samples from the following packs:
Epic Movie Themes
Insane Complex ELECTRO
Monster Drumstep VS Drum & Bass
Nu School Funky Tech
Swedish HOUSE & Big Room – Massive Presets

In detail you will find:
9 Bass Loops, 9 Drum Loops, 10 Melody Loops, 19 Single Shots, 5 FX from Insane Complex ELECTRO super package
7 Bass Loops, 8 Drum Loops, 5 Melody Loops, 13 Single Shots, 5 Fx from Monster Drumstep VS Drum & Bass
6 Bass Loops, 6 Drum Loops, 12 Single Shots, 9 Synth Loops, 7 Fx from NU School Funky Tech
15 Orchestral Movie Themes and 15 Midi files from Epic Movie Themes super package
17 NI Massive PTCHes and 23 Midi files from Swedish HOUSE & Big Room super package

Totaling 200 24 bit samples 373 MB
SMK name is derived from “Technological Singularity” – bringing the Technical Future and people together in Music. All these sound innovations you will hear in this SMK Label Sampler!


SMK Label Sampler WAV SAMPLES MiDi Synth Presets- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE… SAMPLES-MiDi-Synth-Presets.html

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