Sitar Nation Classical Instruments Of India REASON REFiLL SAMPLES

Sitar Nation Classical Instruments Of India


Sitar Nation captures the sounds of four traditional North Indian instruments with incredible detail. While many world or ethnic instrument collections represented as very ‘broad’, they provide only an overview of each instrument and not enough to create truly realistic performances or sequences. This library offers much greater depth, enough to create not only convincing rhythm or accompaniment parts, but true solo performances as well!
Four instruments represented as included: the classic sitar, tampura (low drones), table and baya (hand drums). Each has been sampled with multiple dynamics and round robin variations to avoid any ‘machine gun’ effects or repetitive sounds. Every important articulation was captured, from standard picks and glissandos to various bends, drones, phrases, release noises, and trills.

In addition to a useful Combinator interface for sound sculpting, Sitar Nation sports a variety of “FX” patches which take the original recordings in entirely new directions. For example a bitcrushed percussive kit, electric drones, or synth-like textures.
Whether you’re doing film, TV, or game scores, authentic world music grooves, fusion tracks, or any other genre, Sitar Nation is flexible and versatile enough to be used in any production. We think you’ll find it very inspiring!

Mark the Release SYNTHiC4TE | March 02 2014 | 282.0 MB

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Handcrafted, Gourdless Sitar

Performed by Thomas Flanagan, the sitar recorded is a custom-made instrument crafted from wood that has been seasoned for seven years! Articulations include plucking (thumbed and picked), mordents (quick “turns”), strums of the chikari (rhythm) strings, whole tone bends, glissandos at different speeds and both major and minor tonalities, basic phrases and tremolos. Thorough velocity and round robin sampling was used for many articulations, with up to four layers and three round robin groups.

Traditionally an instrument played by an apprentice sitar player to accompany an expert. Though the body is smaller than the sitar, the simple, open drones it produces possess and dominate a unique timbre and provide an excellent rhythmic base. This instrument was also performed by Thomas Flanagan.
Tabla & Baya

A set of two custom-made, carefully tuned hand drums performed by Jeremy Dyen. The sheer number of strokes possible for the tabla or baya is staggering, and the library includes some of the most widely used and recognizable techniques such as both edge, open and muted strikes as well as multiple pitch bends in different directions and at different speeds. Every stroke was recorded with nine velocity layers and three round robins to allow for seamless, human performances.
Special FX

From the unprocessed audio content, a number of patches were created using both offline and live processing to open up a whole new dimension in sound. For example, “Livewire Drone” takes sitar drones and uses FM synthesis and waveshaping to “electrify” the timbre of the sitar. “Deep Chime” uses extensive granular synthesis to create an ominous, semi-harmonic orchestral chime hit with a reverberant ambiance. The two “Shaped Kit” patches use ring modulation and waveshaping to turn the tabla and baya into an electronic percussion set.
What’s Inside?

Four deep-sampled instruments: sitar, tabla, tampura, baya
15 special FX Combinator patches
8 natural Combinator patches / 34 NN-XT patches
Dozens of MIDI percussion grooves to get you started
Multiple dynamics and round robins for each note
Sustains, mordents, bends, tremolos
Multiple glissando types, chikari strings
FX pads, textures, tonal, and synth-type sounds
Keyswitch patches for live performance and convenience



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