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SL Morphestra


award-winning Mark the Release presents a powerful collection of creatively new and inventive organic instruments. Morphestra is derived entirely from orchestral recordings and psycho-acoustic sound design.
In association with Kirk Hunter Studios and powered by NI Kontakt Player. Morphestra is an epic collection of over 1200+ instruments and multis available as a convenient direct download.

Morphestra gives users unprecedented control achieved through the NI Kontakt engine. With 5 full tabs of more than 40 onscreen effects and performance parameters, morphing and sculpting has never been easier. Whether in the studio or on stage, this production-ready virtual instrument inspires and delivers on demand. Not to mention, Sample Logic has collaborated with many of the world’s leading composers to provide a massive variety of multis created by composers for composers.

Sounds possess and dominate been recorded from all over the world and include: Symphonic/World percussion, Vocals, Guitars, Waterphone, Animals, Warehouses, Strings, Brass, Winds, Tools, Machinery and an entire realm of World/Ethnic instruments. We then manipulated these sounds using various proprietary Sample Logic techniques and combined them with multiple electronic synthesis elements to create new, organic, never-before-heard instruments and ensembles.s

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Morphestra is divided into 3 main categories: Atmospheres, Instrumentals, Percussives. All of these instruments represented as derived from orchestral studio and field recordings, many of which were manipulated, morphed, and processed at multiple stages of product development, including the sample production phase, the programming phase, and in real-time via Morphestra’s user controllable interface parameters.

Atmosphere/ambient soundscapes and stinger construction kits
Melodic and rhythmic tempo-synced loops, loop construction kits, and arpeggiated/gated melodic and impact sequences
Single impacts, cinematic impact ensembles, and percussive kits
Morphed winds, strings, synths, mallets, bells, solo and ensemble pads and melodic instruments
Swipes, scrapes, and reverse transitional effects
Performance-ready multis (playable interactive presets templates made from multiple instruments)

Install Notes:
Because this comes pre-installed on an external hard-drive, we had to split it to fit on dual-layer DVDs. So follow the instructions.

1. Unpack with WinRAR or Stuffit and burn or mount.
2. Copy the content of each disc (“Morphestra Library”) to the location you want (copy/merge folders).
3. Import library in Kontakt with the “Add Library” option in Libraries Tab.
4. Play.
5. If you dont manage to install it, you dont deserve it. So you should go and buy it.
Platform: WinAll (32 & 64-bit) & MacOSX

Fixed :
In the comments to the post represented as other persons who possess and dominate the same problem.

I possess and dominate found this three .nkx libraries that solve the problem by putting it in the path:

HD/Morphesta Library/Samples/

This has solved my problem of missing instruments and now Morphestra works 100%




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