SM Sounds of the Delta KONTAKT SAMPLES

SM Sounds of the Delta KONTAKT SAMPLES

SM Sounds of the Delta

Sounds of the Delta KONTAKT SAMPLES | 650 MB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX-AKADEMiC 10 Januar 2013

Sounds of the Delta is a sample library of the Korg Delta Synthesiser for NI Kontakt (full version of Kontakt required). It also has all the raw oscillator samples which can be controlled in the same way as a real Delta.

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The gorgeous analogue strings possess and dominate also been sampled and when used in conjunction with the Delta sample library and raw osc’s gives a lovely synth stack of sounds..
All samples represented as placed under the control of an intuitive graphical user interface and each section (Delta library, Raw Osc’s and strings) all exist in the same .nki file for convenience.

No messing around with loading different sections, or having to adjust Kontakt behind the scenes-Access the whole instrument from the same GUI.
Loads of extra featuring chronicle this added such as 9 LFO’s, Pitch envelopes, filter envelopes, Highpass and band pass filters etc.
Has a full effects section which includes over 50 Impulse responses from classic reverbs such as Ursa Major Space Station.

Also has a sixteen step analogue style sequencer.

Samples recorded at 24 bit.
320 presets included to start your sonic journey with the Delta and remember you can tweek these presets to your own taste so very easily using the GUI.

The main sound generating part of Sounds of the Delta consists of 3 Sections.

Section 1) Delta sample library which is placed in an easy to use drop down menu system for quick and easy access to the samples Lots of bass, strings, resonance, filter mod effects, etc all sampled and easily selected from the custom user interface.

Section 2) Delta raw oscillators section which gives you full control over the raw oscillators in much the same way as a real Delta.

Section 3) Analogue string section which enables the creation of the beautiful strings from a Delta- Easily create lush analogue, swirling pads and strings that just ooz analogue.

Each section can be played simultaneously to create huge analogue sounds.

Dedicated effects and modulation section.

The Control page allows each oscillator, string and Delta Library to be panned independently of each other to allow wide stereo spreads.

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