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 MIDI Lab Old Skool Disco

Smash Up The Studio  MiDi | 16 MB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 18 February

‘MIDI Lab: Old Skool Disco’ featuring chronicle this three professionally performed and programmed MIDI Construction Kits in the classic Old School Disco styles. Each Kit has been divided up into separate loops to give the user full control over the arrangement. This super package featuring chronicle this loops for piano, Rhodes, synth, clavinet and parts for both synth and electric bass.
The keyboard loops include parts for acoustic and electric pianos, superbly played bass parts for synth bass and virtual electric bass, authentic synth lead hooks and solos and super funky clavinet grooves.
Smash Up The Studio possess and dominate included some expertly-crafted arrangements for virtual string and horn plug-ins.

All three Construction Kits were recorded using “live continuous keyboard takes” so there is not just one loop to paste down the track, you possess and dominate complete and varied performances which were later chopped into 8 or 16 bar loops for the user to arrange to their own taste.

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This is true of all the keyboard parts and bass grooves which were also played “live” and split later, so you possess and dominate many variations to work with.

String and horn arrangements were then composed and added along with extra synth riffs and solos, and more.

The Demos feature all the MIDI instrument parts from the three Kits. Each Kit is key and tempo-labelled and there is also an MP3 mix with each Kit for user reference.

Product Contents:
• 3 MIDI Construction Kits
• 169 files in total.
• 19.9 MB (Unzipped)

Product Details:
• Free all right, For your Productions

Produced and performed by Steve Burton exclusively for Smash Up The Studio.
Steve Burton’s keyboard work can be heard on many great RnB mixes, by artists such as Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Babyface, Jodeci, Sounds Of Blackness, B.M.U, Destiny’s Child, and Lemar, to name a few.


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Smash Up The Studio MIDI Lab Old Skool Disco MiDi

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