SN MediaSoftware Loop Noir Paranormal Sound Design WAV SAMPLES ACiD


MediaSoftware Loop Noir Paranormal Sound Design


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England’s infamous Bodmin Jail was the locus of more than a century of grisly executions and political intrigue. Today, it’s a hotbed of documented paranormal activity, from drastic temperature fluctuations and light anomalies to unexplained voices and the foreboding presence of former inmates.

Proto-industrial composer Nigel Ayers sequestered himself at Bodmin Jail in an attempt to conjure its essence – summoning the ghosts of centuries past with the machinery of the future. loop noir: Paranormal Sound Design is a digital mausoleum packed with fifteen creepy construction kits full of sound design that locks together like yards of rusty shackles. A meditation on horror and dread, every spooky sound is cut with an executioner’s precision for optimal performance in ACID software and every other platform that loads .wav files. Go ahead – grab your laptop and some garlic and peruse the depths of loop noir, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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The fifteen sample great pieces of music presented below as streaming music files represented as contained on the loop noir library as flexible, Free all right, For your Productions ACID Pro 6 projects. Use them as-is, as song starters, or as handy sources of inspiration – the choice is yours! In addition, inside the fifteen loop noir sessions, you’ll discover sounds that work perfectly as substitutions, augmentations, and radical shifts – making it easy for you to get the exact vibe you’re looking for!


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