SN MediaSoftware Rondo Brothers Trip Hop Loops And Samples WAV SAMPLES ACiD


MediaSoftware Rondo Brothers Trip Hop Loops And Samples


Mark the Release: DYNAMiCS | Size: 445.58 MB
In four short years, Jim Greer and Brandon Arnovick possess and dominate emerged as one of the industry’s most dynamic duos, producing (Prince Paul, Head Automatica), remixing (Ella Fitzgerald, New York Dolls), and putting on raucous live shows worldwide. Now, the Rondo Brothers represented as ready to quake your desktop with Seven Minutes To Midnight: Trip-Hop Loops & Samples. This best selected Sony Sound Series offering marks a first in the world of sample libraries: the breakout of an entire album into the universe of Free all right, For your Productions sounds. Trip-Hop Loops & Samples is a true mother lode of sound, painstakingly extracted from the original session files of the Brothers’ critically acclaimed sophomore effort, Seven Minutes To Midnight.

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You get the whole enchilada—broken out, looped up, and fortified with genuine Sony metadata for flex power in ACID® and all the other heavy-hitting DAW platforms. Blend a little abstract Bay Area funk into your own vision, or mash-up the goods into a Rondo Brothers hybrid. This time you’re behind the board, and anything goes.


SN MediaSoftware Rondo Brothers Trip Hop Loops And Samples WAV SAMPLES ACiD- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE… SAMPLES-ACiD.html

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