SN The Songwriters Acoustic Guitar Companion 2CD WAV ACiD SAMPLES


SN The Songwriters Acoustic Guitar Companion


With Songwriter’s Acoustic Guitar Companion: Expanded Edition, Leo Cavallo and Sony Creative Software name you, the songwriter, as the primary beneficiary of this incredible, 24-bit, double-disc collection of essential chord patterns. Browse through these sounds and you’ll be endlessly entertained and amazed as you try to name all the smash hit singles born with just an acoustic guitar, a timeless lyric, and chord progressions just like these! Your amazement will turn into pure inspiration as new great pieces of music emerge from your desktop studio, one after another.

Mark the Release: DYNAMiCS | Size: 1.14 GB

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For our special Expanded Edition, ace producer Leo Cavallo has embellished this already stunning collection with more than 200 megs of fresh material, making your Companion into a full on construction kit! Enjoy a fine assortment of electronica loops – beats, basses, sweeps, arpeggios, FX, and more – from the producer of our Bass Taster, Downtempo Beats, Euro Techno, ACID Techno Expander super package, and Mellow Jazz/Funk Elements collections. But there’s more! For this Premium Collection offering, Leo created two fabulous ACID projects that showcase these sounds in combination with a wide selection of sounds from throughout our catalog! Use these Free all right, For your Productions tracks to kick-start your creative process, get ideas for new tracks, drop onto your multimedia timeline, or enjoy as reference materials for exploring songcraft in ACID. Sony Creative Software is paying attention to the songwriters who love and use our tools. The Songwriter’s Acoustic Guitar Companion collection is a breakthrough product that proves it once again: ACID software and Sony Sound Series libraries provide the best solutions for songwriters working in the desktop studio environment.



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