Sonic Implants Afro Cuban Percussion GiGA


 Sonic Implants Afro Cuban Percussion

 GiGA | 50 MB

he truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth percussion. This is the Latin Percussion collection you’ve been waiting for. Ambient Stereo AND Close Mic’d Mono versions included to give you complete control over your mix. TONS of articulations (hits) per instrument and up to 4 multi-velocity samples from soft to loud to make you sound like a pro.
Instruments and playing provided by Joe Galeota of JAG Drums.

Mark the Release: TZ7iSO | Size: 50,98 MB

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Collection includes:

Afoxe, Agogo Bells, Ankle Bells, Birimbou, Bongos, Caxixi, Cha Cha Bells, Claves, 3 Congas (Quinto, Secundo, Tumbadora), Cowbell Hi/Mid/Low, Cuica, Finger Snaps, Frogs Eggs, Guiro Cuban, Guiro Meringue, Jam Blocks, Large Basket, Rattle, Maracas, Pandiero, Reco Reco, Repenique, Samba Whistles, Sencero, 3 Surdos (Bambo, Cortador, Macana), Tamborim, Timbales, Timbalitos, Vibraslap, and more…

Recorded at Blue Jay studios in Carlisle, MA. with engineering by Mark Tanzer (NRBQ, Carly Simon, Patty Larkin, Jerry Marotta, Livingston Taylor, Lyle Mays and others).

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