Sonic Implants Silk Road Middle Eastern Instruments GIGA SAMPLES

Sonic Implants Silk Road Middle Eastern Instruments


Spanning 7000 miles from the Yellow River Valley of Eastern China to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the Silk Road is the most prominent and distinguished trade route in the world, having linked the present-day countries of China, India, Iran, Iraq, and Syria for close to 1000 years. Originally established by the Chinese government as a means of trading goods with the Roman Empire, the Silk Road evolved over the centuries to become a symbol of cultural exchange that married the disparate art, music, and religious traditions of the many diverse communities along its path.

DELiRiUM | 03-20-2003 | 333 MB

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What do you get?

Sonic Implants Silk Road CD captures authentic melodic and percussion instruments native to the Middle Eastern leg of this illustrious trade route, performed by Middle Eastern musicians and utilizing methods and techniques innate to centuries of musical tradition. Features a vast array of multi-sampled strings, wind, and percussion instruments, but also includes Percussion Loops and Melodic Improvisations, effective for creating your own music, and for gaining a better understanding of the musical sensibilities inherent to the region.

The Instruments
3 Kawals 3 Nays May Zurna Arabic Violin Bouzuk Kanuun Oud Persian Violin Persian Sitar Santur Tar Percussion Instruments: Egyptian Dumbek Clay Dumbek Bass Dumbek Low & Hi Tombek Low & Hi Udu Drums Sm, Med & Lrg Negata Drums Copper Darbuka Drum Persian Daff Bandir Frame Drum Small & Large Bell More Percussion: Egyptian Riqq 1 & 2 Asian Zill Indian Zill Turkish Zill Sufi Triangle Ankle Bells 3 Copper Bowls Small Tibetan Bowl Large Tibetan Bowl Moroccan Gargaba Vessel Shakers.

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