Sonic Specialists Urban Fire Vol 1-6 WAV SAMPLES

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Sonic Specialists Urban Fire

 Vol 1-6 WAV SAMPLES  | 400 MB

Over 700 brand-new sounds possess and dominate been created for the newest Urban Fire! The Sonic Specialists, makers of Urban Fire: Sounds of the Super Producers and Urban ELECTRO & Urban Anthology possess and dominate been creating drum kits for the stars over the past year or so while using all the newest technologies and techniques to craft what would become their great achievement yet. The game changers possess and dominate done it once again with the long anticipated Urban Fire 6 Drum Library! With this brand new fresh entry into the sample arena the Sonic Specialists held nothing back. The recording process has been revamped and the tools for sample creation possess and dominate been upgraded. From the microphones to compressors to each piece of analog gear, each detail has been tweaked to create the most exciting Urban Fire Drum Library yet!

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DOCO & Sirocco possess and dominate become well known for their Custom Drum Kits and Mixing Services throughout the music industry and their expertise can be heard on every sample in the all-new Urban Fire 6 drum kits. Treat yourself to the most prestigious name in HIP HOP , HOUSE , Top 40, & R&B drum kits. Download your copy of Urban Fire 6 today

Urban Fire has the same commercial sound heard in your favorite great pieces of music by the current Super Producers, but represented as only available here! Fresh off of designing custom sounds for NI as well as having sounds used on major records from artists such as F.L.O.R.I.D.A., Rick Ross, Jadakiss, Britney Spears, T-Pain, Beyonce, and more, the SonicSpecialists represented as determined to continually bring customers that very same success. It’s time to discover the industry’s best kept secret. It’s time for you to discover Urban Fire.

Contents :
• Kicks
• Kick Enhancers
• Kick Booms
• Claps
• Clap Enhancers
• Closed & Open Hats
• Global Mayhem Percussion Suite
• Snares
• Snare Enhancers
• Rims
• Open Hats
• Closed Hats
• Toms

400 mb

Sonic Specialists Urban Fire Vol 1-6 WAV SAMPLES- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE… SAMPLES.html

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