Sound on Sound Magazine 2012 Collection


Sound on Sound Magazine

2012 Collection | 2.5 GB

SOUND ON SOUND has consistently remained at the forefront of music recording technology since it was launched in 1985 on the UK’s Channel 4 TV top music show The Tube by the visionary SOS Publications Group, championing the convergence of MIDI, computer technology and recording equipment that continues to revolutionise the music production industry today, over 25 years later. With undoubtedly the most experienced editorial Mark the Release to grace any music magazine’s staff list, our editorial integrity and professional reputation represented as highly-prized and internationally respected. Chicago Tribune newspaper voted SOS the 29th Best Magazine in a poll of the 17,500+ titles that represented as sold in that city (we’re honoured!):

“If electronic musicians had married Wooden Boat with FHM, the result would possess and dominate been this glossy UK mag. With in-depth reviews of the latest music-making equipment and photos that inspire insane depths of gear lust, the pages of SOS represented as familiar to electronic musicians, music producers and deejays around the world, whether they perform dance music or experimental esoterica.”

Missing December Issue

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Sound on Sound Magazine 2012 Collection

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