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Unique sounds and genious basic sound stuff/ waveforms (feel free to layer!) for film, ambient and experimental musicians: virtual and nature-like atmospheres, ambient pads, biospheres, sub`n`drones, short mechanic and electronic fx (switches, beeps,..), mechaspheres, electrospheres and more…
The ‘pink’ disc times out at a touch over 73 minutes and offers a huge number of soundscapes, drones and atmospheres lasting anywhere between a second and a minute in length. The first section –Ambient — is a good introduction to the type of material you can expect to find thoughout. Anyone familiar with Spectrasonics’ Distorted Reality will instantly recognise the thinking behind much of Sound Spectral, which sees sonic visionary Rene Ebenham experiment with his own form of hypnotic and creative sound design.

Using a fusion of sound effects and synth sounds as a starting point, Ebenham twists, distorts and generally screws up the sounds using a host of impressive EQ, filter and effects techniques. The mood shifts almost erratically from the mellow and subliminal to the harsh and, at times, abrasive. Rather than simply remaining static, nearly all the tracks are allowed to evolve and develop nicely.

Mark the Release: AudioP2P | Date: 06-27-2009 | Size: 380 MB

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Other sections include Electronic Effects, which is fairly self-explanatory, Electrospheres, Mechanic FX, Mechanaspheres and Strange. The Mechanaspheres section is particularly interesting as it fuses all manner of ‘clangs’ and ‘clunks’ together with some surprisingly ambient and laid back sonic washes which will slide into your sampler like a dream.

There are a few obvious omissions, mainly in the rhythmic department. A set of ‘happening’ drum loops would have rounded this set off beautifully and the choice of source material, while generally excellent, occasionally descends into the realms of the over-familiar (we all know what a beeping modem sounds like, so why give us one with a bit of flange on it?). All in all, though, this is a professional, well-laid-out and, at times, inspired set of ambient soundscapes.


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