Soundcells Afterglow v4 Reason ReFill SAMPLES

Soundcells Afterglow v4 Reason ReFill


Afterglow is the ultimate atmospheric resource ReFill for trance producers, jungle heads and ambient artists.
It’s analog, it’s digital, it’s tender and raw, glitchy at times but above this all: Extremely Atmospheric! All sounds have been meticulously designed to be combined with eachother in the exact way the user would like it to be heard. Get great malstroem-, suprising subtractor- and fantastic thor patches, furthermore 290+ samples from analog and digital gear, physical modeling synths and also field recordings.

21/05/2014 | 332 MB

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Afterglow is not a workstation but …
Although everything seems to be in there we didn´t call Afterglow a workstation. In fact it is a medium sized workstation but the name would imply a far more universal reach while this product has been designed to serve this very specialized atmospheric niche.

Designed for excellent performances …
The combinators are programmed in such a way that they behave like real instruments. We have taken special care of this aspect by assigning the knobs, wheels and buttons for total musical, atmospherical and emotional control.

Not only the lead patches offer you the possibility to perform with emotion but also the pads and textures will give you the feel of being a virtuoso soloist! Always check out every controller before you start to play!

Every real life instrument is able to express almost every mood the human emotional palette offers us. So do our Afterglow Combinators!

Reason 6 and up needs to be installed to use this product.
Changelog / Version History
Version 4.0 (May, 19th 2014)
– 20 new combinator patches (the PTCH name addition “v4“ makes clear which patches are the new ones)
– New field recordings were added
– New NNXT & Subtractor patches
– Minor improvements

Version 3.0 (September, 17th 2012)
– 25 new combinator patches (the PTCH name addition “v3“ makes clear which patches are the new ones)
– More field recordings were added

Version 2.0 (August, 17th 2010)
– 30 new combinator patches
– Field recordings were added
– Expanded button assignments on the combinator patches

Version 1.0 (November, 10th 2008)
– Initial Release



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