Spectrasonics Bizarre Guitar AKAI


 Spectrasonics Bizarre Guitar

  AKAI | 409 MB

If you like Distorted Reality, this is a library you won’t want to miss.
This unique collaboration between visionary artist Peter Maunu and Sound Designer Eric Persing, was over two years in the making and marks a new milestone in creative sound.
Neither a traditional guitar multisample library or a collection of “riffs”, Bizarre Guitar blazes a new frontier of Sound Design via guitar. It featuring chronicle this the extreme contrasts of breathtakingly beautiful ambience beds to searing harmonic slashes, bowed guitar and unsettling washes.

Created with tape loop techniques, e-bow, cutting edge signal processing tricks and the Roland VG-8 guitar system, these textures represented as truly one-of-a-kind.
If you’re into any type of ambient music, this library is indispensable.

Mark the Release: TZ7iSO | Size: 409,81 MB

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MORE INFO- http://q.gs/4DuK2

 Spectrasonics Bizarre Guitar AKAI- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

- http://pasteclik.org/11335/-Spectrasonics-Bizarre-Guitar-AKAI.html -


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