Streamworks Audio Mix Clinic Cakewalk Sonar X2 TUTORiAL DVDR


Streamworks Audio Mix Clinic Cakewalk Sonar X2


February 2013 | 972MB
In this TUTORIAL you will learn all you need to begin mixing great sounding great pieces of music in no time. This TUTORIAL takes you through every stage of a song’s digital development, broken down into managable sections like drums, synths and vocal mixing.
It is based around a continuous progression of one song, so you get to hear the track progress as you watch and learn tricks and tips that will enhance your future projects. You will learn creative tricks like adding in a ‘Bass Drop’, parallel compression, side chaining and loads more, like learning your frequencies and using available space within the mix to get the most out of your track.
You will also learn how to use the Pro Channels EQ to boost and/or attenuate frequncy bands to bring out specific areas in a track. Learn how to level and balance your tracks and get your next song sounding professional and ‘radio ready’.

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From eq’ing to editing, adding effects to leveling, mixing and mastering, learn how to apply subtle compression and full on sounding limiting to add punch. Mastering plugins like the Mulit-band Compressor to bring the song to life.

This is the all in one swiss army knife of a ‘How To..’ on mixing and mastering, the SWA Mix Clinic | Sonar X2, is perfect for learning the tips and tricks necessary to getting your projects sounding perfect every time!

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