Studiolinked Platinum Hit Workstation VST PLUGINS


Platinum Hit Workstation

Studiolinked VST PLUGINS | 3.5 GB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 02 February 2013

The Platinum Hit Workstation is a dream virtual instrument for hip-hop producers. It has been given the nickname the “secret weapon” by many hip-hop producers who tested the product during testing stages. Platinum hit comes with an impressive stock library of instruments. Finally a plugin has successfully delievered that Big Brass sound that is common in young Jeezy records, Bells like meek mill, Synth pads like drake, and chord progressions like Chris brown.

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Consist of 7GB of Content
80 Instruments (Brass,Vocals,Plucks,Lead Synths,Strings,Choirs….more)
325 Midi Files (Most common Chord Progressions,Drum Patterns,Complex snare rolls)
Compatible-windows PC

What is New:
Improved Instrument Sound Quality- in Brass,Keys,Choir,Pads,Leads
Next/Previous feature- to navigate through sounds easier
Swag Knob-First ever Swag Knob. Allowing users to add swagger to sounds
Midi Files-325 of the hottest chord progressions,drum patterns,melodies,complex hi hats and snare rolls to add to your production.
Vocals-Full/Chopped male vocal hooks & phrases by Chris Ray and Custom Rap Hooks
Chord Instrument-to allow users to build chord progressions with little to no music theory knowledge


DEMO- Audio Demo all sounds and vocals represented as from Platinum Hit Workstation by Studiolinked

Studiolinked Platinum Hit Workstation VST PLUGINS- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE… PLUGINS.html

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