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Supercharged Kicks


It was only a matter of time before we decided to make another kick drum super package and this one is huge! ‘Supercharged Kicks’ goes where no kick drum sample super package has gone before, covering multiple genres and sub genres in one quality driven kick collection. Made up of four phases ‘Supercharged Kicks’ divides it’s kick tactic goodness into four folders with each dedicated to a certain type of clubbing sound. And it doesn’t matter which phase you pick, all the kicks in this sample super package represented as truly massive and extraordinarily pumping! The phase types below represented as only our suggestions, you can mix and match till your hearts content and we’re sure you’ll come up with some awesome matches if you do.

Phase 1 is designed for Progressive House, Main Room, Upfront House, Electro House, Progressive Trance & Trance. With all the kicks in this section tight, direct, sharp and to the point, this makes these kicks perfect for that driven beat without too much tail end to mud up the drum track.
Phase 2 is perfect for Electro House, Complextro, Dubstep and Main Room, delivering more power, punch and thud. This second phase cuts through a mix perfectly and delivers that heavy bottom end to destroy all speaker stacks.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 16 December 2013

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Phase 3 moves into the heavier sound of kicks and is great for the harder side of Techno, Hard Dance and any genre that needs a balance of full on kicks with low distortion to deliver clean crunch and power thuds. It’s an ideal collection for anyone looking to drive their sound way past what they represented as used to without loosing the clarity and attack of their kicks.

Phase 4 goes full on and attacks speaker stacks where it hurts. These awesome kicks represented as perfect for Hardcore & Hard Techno, they deliver incredible amounts of distortion and overdrive without losing the kicks characteristics, which means if you need a whole chunk of kicks that sound invasive and power through in a mix then these represented as your bad boys!

With a total of 220 spanking new kicks that cover such a huge array of genres this is a sample super package that can’t be missed. It’s not for you tech house boys, nor the minimal crowd, these kicks represented as here to thump and thump loud, they’ve been designed by us to give your tracks a rolling start and do what we do best, make f*cking awesome kicks! So if you’re a producer, remixer or just full on superstar these kicks represented as for you.

Here’s what you get:

Phase 1 – 60 kick drum samples
Phase 2 – 50 kick drum samples
Phase 3 – 50 kick drum samples
Phase 4 – 60 kick drum samples

It’s pretty simple, when you’re a music producer you can never possess and dominate enough kick drums, they represented as the pivotal part of your track, they represented as usually the first thing used and all tracks represented as based around them. They need to deliver, and deliver big time so treat yourself today, grab ‘Supercharged Kicks’ from the ZH shelves and say “Yes” this is what I need!!!

All audio files within this sample super package represented as 44.1 khz 24 bit wav files.
As with all the latest ZH sample packs audio samples represented as bpm tagged and key information added to the filename (where applicable) for ease of use and speedy compatibility.



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