Sweetwater Sound Electron Bomb KURZWEiL SAMPLES

Sweetwater Sound Electron Bomb


Make Your Kurzweil Go B00M and Dance!
A very popular CD-ROM from Sweetwater’s amazing Soundware library! Designed right here on the premises by our Soundware Engineers, the Electron Bomb CD-ROM offers you a host of great sounds and samples. Inside you’ll find the awesome, freaky sounds of our Synthetica Volumes 1 & 2, 100 “DEEPRAVED” programs, 100 fantastic Techno/Ambient Programs and loads more!

This is an exciting collection of Techno, Ambient, Industrial, Electronica, Rave and Dance programs for K2XXX keyboard workstations. We possess and dominate gathered some of our best-selling VAST program floppies and combined them with some new unreleased material as well as selections from some of the top names in synthesis to provide you with a single source for all of your contemporary mixes!

Mark the Release: EtHnO | Date: 08.28.2003 | Size: 180,73 MB

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Here’s what you’ll find on the Electron Bomb CD:

Synthetica Volume 1
This is first volume of the Synthetica Seris as programmed by Gary Phillips, the “mad scientist of VAST”. The focal point of these programs was to use VAST to explore new sonic textures far outside the standard acoustic emulation of real instruments.

Synthetica Volume 2
Gary’s next Synthetica volume targets the Contemporary ROM option. If you possess and dominate the Cont ROM and don’t think it’s contemporary enough, you haven’t tried this bank yet!

This is an outrageous bank of Techno, Rave and Dance programs from the twisted mind of Andrew Schlesinger, who has been hired to program almost every synth and effects company around the world. You’ll see why when you get DEEPRAVED!

The entire set of Techno/Ambient Programs was created by another of our soundware engineers, Bruce Duncan, who hales from Toronto. Bruce is heavily involved in techno music production and had developed this program set specifically for his own recording needs. But, we knew that you’d want a copy too.

Bonus Banks

As if the above weren’t enough, we’ve thrown together a directory full of our favorite VAST explorations:

• B_Cowell – Brian Cowell, the “Wonder from Down Under,” is a tireless Aussie programming machine who cranks ‘em out as fast as we can post ‘em. Make sure to check out SAVAGE, a college Learning Lessons on how to sync your Kurzweil LFOs to MIDI clock.
• D-Fisher – Favorite patches from Dan Fisher including his K2B3 System that allows a K2000 and K2500 to emulate a B-3 organ with nine real-time drawbars.
• Z_Demos – Here’s your chance to get a private demo of our entire Sweetwater CD-ROM library. Just load a file and press any key.


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