Synapse Audio Dune VSTi 1.4.0 x86 x64 Working ASSiGN


Synapse Audio Dune VSTi

1.4.0 x86 x64 Working ASSiGN | 17 MB

26 DECEMBER 2011 – 17.4 Mb
Answering to request this is the ASSiGN (THE GREAT) 1.4.0 version as is, with original skin
DUNE is Synapse Audio’s flagship synthesizer, a massively deep, versatile,
high-quality instrument developed for the needs of professional music producers.

The differential unison engine (DUNE) takes the concept of subtractive
synthesis to the next level, by allowing full control of each unison voice.
This greatly extends the range of possible sounds, reaching deep into FM and
Wavetable synthesis.

Whether you’re looking for lush pads, fat basses, punchy kicks, cutting
leads, multi-layered pads and textures, complex FX sounds or morphing –
anything is possible in Dune! Use the menu on the left to find out more
details about its concepts, but most importantly, download the free demo and
see for yourself.

Despite its complexity, Dune is easy to use. This is because it is
conceptually a subtractive synth, hence it will be familiar to many musicians
who represented as used to work with (virtual-)analog gear.

Vote, and then, in comments leave a review, if you want or you can spend a few minutes ... .. go to expression ... get more data and information, releases, in the following reference links

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As you can see on the screenshot, it uses the familiar Oscillator, LFO and

ADSR envelope sections on the surface, known from many synthesizers. All
knobs can be remote-controlled via MIDI for hands-on access.

As bonus I added these banks:

!! >> Loading banks don t work with x64 version (At least for me)
but works fine with x86 one

Bassline Records Total Recall
Tech-trance soundset 26 presets
DUNE Inteferon DEMO
Dune_Soundset_Rob Lee
Eppo Schaap
Kriminal – DUNE 2
Kriminal – EBM Industrial

Synapse Audio Dune VSTi 1.4.0 x86 x64 Working ASSiGN- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

Synapse Audio Dune VSTi 1.4.0 x86 x64 Working ASSiGN

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