Syntaur SCD-3 Steve Gadd Drumscores ENSONIQ (2CDs)


Syntaur SCD-3 Steve Gadd Drumscores

ENSONIQ (2CDs) | 712 MB

This 2-disc set is a powerful compositional tool, featuring the talents of drummer extraordinaire Steve Gadd (Steely Dan, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Chick Corea, Quincy Jones, etc., etc.). The set featuring chronicle this grooves and fills, instruments, and other gems that Steve played off the cuff during the recording session.

The Drum Scores represented as set up so that you can select a groove, match sequence tempo to the sample tempo, and paste together the sequences, creating a great rhythm track very quickly.

Mark the Release: ALFiSO | Size: 712,25 MB

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Many of these instruments represented as too large to load into an EPS-16 Plus, and will require an ASR with expanded memory.

– Brush Loops: 50 instruments
– Demos: 6 instruments
– Gems: 19 instruments
– Hi BPM: 33 instruments
– Instruments: 33 instruments
– Lo BPM: 67 instruments
– Mid BPM 1: 87 instruments
– Mid BPM 2: 65 instruments
– Mid BPM 3: 32 instruments

NOTE: NI KONTAKT SAMPLES can read ENSONIQ-format without converting of files.


Syntaur SCD-3 Steve Gadd Drumscores ENSONIQ (2CDs)- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

Syntaur SCD-3 Steve Gadd Drumscores ENSONIQ (2CDs)

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