Synth Magic Products Collection (KONTAKT SAMPLES)

Synth Magic Products Collection (KONTAKT SAMPLES)

Synth Magic Products Collection

Products Collection (KONTAKT SAMPLES) | 3.6 GB

Collection Super material included 7 products: Digital Love Child, Logan Big Band, Jen SX3000, Logan Vocalist, Phobos, Synth Magic Sounds Of The Quadra v2.1.2 and PolyChrome.

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Synth Magic Jen SX3000:

This Kontakt instrument based on this fantastic Italian mono synth. Our version also has the ability to simulate it’s monophonic nature or press a switch and enjoy a full polyphonic Jen-A polyphonic Jen makes fantastic rich pads and poly sounds.

The Graphical user interface has been designed by renowned GUI designer Anders Hedstrom(Flavours of Lime) who has done an amazing job creating the front panels and user interface.

There represented as lots of great sounds from sound design guru Ingo Weidner who has made a batch of great sounds for the Jen sx3000-there represented as also sounds from Synth Magic.

Lots of presets plus random preset generator-Easily create new and exciting presets by pressing one button.

Synth Magic PolyChrome:

The Polychrome is a synthesiser composed of various sections such as Percussion,Strings,Ensemble and Vocal synth.We sampled every section and added lots of new twists along the way.

The original machine has 3 vocal synth sections, but you can only select one at a time to be played.

Not so with our version, all 3 vocal sections can play at the same time-It is a very beautiful sounding instrument.

We possess and dominate added lots of extra featuring chronicle this such as extra filters,lfo’s,filter envelopes and a full effects section which includes auto pans for each synth section which creates great stereo sweep effects.

Synth Magic Sounds of the Quadra v2.1:

Here you will find great sounding instruments for your Kontakt sampler. All kontakt instruments developed at Synth Magic possess and dominate fantastic, realistic user interfaces and controls, to give you an instrument that is great fun, easy to use with great sounds for your music productions. The first instrument we created was the Analogue legend that is the ARP Quadra-We called our version of this rare vintage synthesiser Sounds of the Quadra.

Sounds of the Quadra update v2.1.2:

This update will add the following to your existing Sounds of the Quadra instrument.

There represented as two new Quadra .Nki files one adds mod wheel to vibrato and the other adds mod wheel to filter cutoff for the lead section. (The two new nki files represented as named ARP Quadra Mod wheel to Lead filter and ARP Quadra Mod wheel to Lead vibrato and can be found in folder ARP QUADRA Flavours of LimeGUI Instrument)

Added the ability to switch off the Convolution reverb by adding an on/off switch in the effects section(switch is in the lead section of the effects section) This helps when running Sounds of the Quadra on older machines because Kontakts Convolution reverb is a cpu eater.If CPU is high on older machines you can now switch off the Convolution reverb.

Synth Magic Phobos:

Phobos – Interstellar Fantasy.
Great Polymoog Vox humana sounds,stunning PPG sounds
Minimoog, ACCESS TI and SY77.
Beautiful haunting pads,Polymoog Vox Humana, efx’s,stabs and extreme ambience.

Comes with Arpeggiator,full effects section including bit crusher,delays,reverbs etc.

Phobos allows for the creation of beautiful strings,pads,weird sci-fi efx,extreme ambience and all under the control of a custom GUI with Digital LED readouts.

There is also a 16 step Filter cutoff sequencer which allows for the sequencing of filter cutoff-This allows for rythmic filter effects perfectly synced to your DAW.

Kontakt 5.0.2 full version required

Synth Magic Products Collection (KONTAKT SAMPLES) [Updated]

Synth Magic Logan Vocalist:

This Kontakt instrument based on this very rare 1970’s Synthesiser is fully programmable from the front panel just like a real Logan and is really simple to use.

It has taken many years to source this very rare synthesiser-there is not too much information on the web about it due to it being so rare,so we were very lucky to find one.

Create beautiful analogue choir sounds from the 70’s,vocal effects and lots of etherial choir pads and sounds.

This instrument has an intuitive user interface based on a real Logan Vocalist front panel. Once loaded into your Kontakt sampler you possess and dominate the full sounds of the Logan to use in your productions.

Synth Magic Logan Big Band:

The Logan Big Band is a recreation of a classic analogue synth from Logan for Kontakt. Lots of extra featuring chronicle this possess and dominate been added and lots of effects and custom reverbs represented as included.

Synth Magic took 1400 samples of the Big Band and placed them under the control of a GUI by Flavours of Lime and added extra featuring chronicle this such as filters, LFOs and ADSRs, which allow further shaping of the sounds.

Requires KONTAKT SAMPLES v5.0.2

Synth Magic Digital Love Child:

This Kontakt instrument is a collection of waveforms taken from lots of different synthesisers. Full version of Kontakt 4.2.3 and higher including Kontakt 5 is required. Digital Love child allows lots of great sounds to be created from great digital synthesisers of the 80’s as well as some newer synths including the Moog Phatty. You can easily tweek away thanks to the futuristic looking GUI designed by Flavours of Lime and create lots of new sounds whilst still retaining the essence of the sampled machines.


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