T.D African Instruments KONTAKT SAMPLES

T.D African Instruments


12 African Instruments for Kontakt 4.2+.
(RR = Round Robin, VL = Velocity Layers)

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 07 August 2014 | 110 MB

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VOODOO INSTRUMENT: Single string instrument struck with stick. Sustained/muted samples. RR = 9, VL = 3

WOODEN FLUTE: Three keyboard zones – Breaths, staccato and velocity controlled sustained articulations (grace note, trill..) VL = Up to 4

MOUTHBOW: Flexible stick strung end to end with taut wire. Mouth used as resonant chamber while striking wire with stick. RR = 20

BAMBOO XYLOPHONE: Small, non-Western scale instrument. RR = 2, VL = 3

MUTED BAMBOO XYLOPHONE: As above with muted tone. VL = 3

ORUTU: One-stringed fiddle. Sustained notes on lower velocities, staccato notes on higher. RR = 6, VL = 2

BOLON: Bass harp with three strings stretched between a gourd and a wooden neck. Gourd slaps included. RR = 3, VL = 3

AKONTING: Three-stringed folk lute. Velocity triggered sustained/staccato notes. RR = 2, VL = 2

LITTLE DJEMBE: Six inch tall drum. Alternating left and right hand hits on each key. RR = 2, VL = 4

LITTLE DJEMBE (RR): As above with two active keys (left/right hands) cycling hits from all areas of drum head. RR = 9, VL = 4

GONGOMA: Large thumb piano. Includes gourd slaps. RR = Up to 4, VL = Up to 3

CLAY FLUTE: Ocarina with three keyboard zones. Breaths, staccato and velocity controlled sustained articulations (grace note, trill..) VL = Up to 4

AFRICAN HARP: Plucked harp. RR = 2, VL = 3

KALIMBA: Small, non-Western scale thumb piano. VL = 4

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