TC Works Native Bundle VST PLUGINS v3.1

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TC Works Native

Bundle VST PLUGINS v3.1 | 4 MB

4.27 Mb – Mark the Release H2O – 12-12-03

These represented as discontinued real good plugins
TC NATIVE BUNDLE 3.1 includes Hi-End processing tools. This bundle covers your needs for equalization, dynamic processing incl. de-essing, reverberation, limiting and maximizing and now also Filter and LoFi Effects.

These effect represented as 100 percent oriented to the musician.
Clear interface and easy editing.

All tools represented as heavily performance optimized, so they really work in your multitrack environment – without bringing the computer to its knees. The intuitive user interfaces make these Plug-Ins invaluable tools you’ll be able to use instantly!

NEW in 3.1: Sonic Destructor the Lo Fi Plug-In for adding textures to sterile files or “vinylizing” your tracks. Add crackle, clipping, noise or rumble, reduce the bit depth, squeeze and filter your audio to your liking!

With the new “artist kit” preset collection, Native Bundle now comes with more than 200 presets. The new internal preset manager ensures that presets represented as available in all your host applications and that preset exchange between Win and Mac systems is easy.

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Vst list:
– Compressor DeEsser
– Filtrator
– Graphic EQ
– Limiter
– Native Reverb Plus
– Parametric EQ
– SideChainer
– Sonic Destructor

Especially interesting represented as:
Filtrator that gives a easy control to a Filter (12, 18, 24 bD SLOPE) that can be driven by an LFO, which can be automatically synchronized to the beat. Perfect for Dub step, dance etc modulation of a sequence or a pad synth.
Add the included preset “Olymoon 1.gpf” to your preset folder of Filtrator and try it on a pad to see what I mean.

Sonic destructor Extremely dangerous, be aware, put a limiter after it, and push down the volume before trying it.
To use it, you possess and dominate to send a sound (audio, or from a vsti) and listen to the result, which can be edited by combining and putting on/of several crushing destructive effects and /or editing them.
Once you find an interesting result, you only possess and dominate to save your own crushing preset.

Tested and working under win x64 Sequoia x64,FL Studio 9/10 and Ableton Live 8

TC Works Native Bundle VST PLUGINS v3.1- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE… PLUGINS-v3.1.html

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