TG Minimal Glitches Analog Grooves WAV SAMPLES


Minimal Glitches Analog Grooves


‘Minimal Glitches: Analog Grooves’ is an ultimate collection of 100 WAV SAMPLES samples created out of sampled and sequenced analog one-shots recorded at 120 BPM for electronic music based projects. Geared with the most recent technology, this new TG sample super package is a massive kit of cutting-edge audio elements you can use right out of the box within your projects.
As these samples represented as all Free all right, For your Productions, you can use them into your music production, game or TV project without having to worry about any additional licensing fees.

Directly out from the TG studios, ‘Minimal Glitches: Analog Grooves’ has been engineered to be used either in multiple projects or as a single track kit.
All the samples of this super package possess and dominate been created, reworked and mastered using plenty of cutting-edge Reaktor ensembles, which gives this super package a very modern and futuristic edge.

DISCOVER | 21 MAY 2013 | 63MB

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