TLL Midi Loops Vol 1 Drumatic Beats MIDI


TLL Midi Loops Vol 1 Drumatic Beats

MIDI  | 60 MB

Ghost notes. Variation. Pocket. Dynamics. After looking around at the other MIDI loop collections in the marketplace, we realized these were 4 crucial elements that were missing, so we set out to create our first release consisting entirely of custom MIDI drum loops, “Drumatic Beats”.

Recorded on a full drum kit, with a live professional studio drummer, we set out to put the “human” back into MIDI loops by capturing every little nuance that makes a drum loop feel “real”. With Drumatic Beats, you can now load the high quality grooves that The Loop Loft is famous for into the MIDI software of your choice. Included is a highly diverse collection of beats covering almost every genre possible including ambient, ROCK, fusion, dance, funk, jazz and even odd meter.

Mark the Release: 6581 | Date: 8 July 2013 | Size: 60 MB

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Whether you’re in Ableton utilizing Drum Racks, Reason using Kong or Pro Tools using Superior Drummer, you can easily play, manipulate and arrange the perfect drum track with Drumatic Beats.

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MIDI Drum Sessions:

4/4 Experimental Ambient
4/4 Big ROCK
7/8 Angular & Odd
4/4 Fusion
4/4 Dance Funk
3/4 Dark Three
4/4 Swing



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