TR-909 Drum Sample Pack WAV SAMPLES

TR-909 Drum Sample Pack


It goes without saying, the Roland TR-909 Drum Machine is the most established and lusted after drum machine in the world. It’s been used and in almost every electronic music producers studio because of the distinguishable kick drum, snare and clap sound.
At Minimal System Instruments we love the Roland TR-909 and have lusted after it for years, just recently we aquired one in absolutely perfect condition. The logical thing for us to do was to take it in to the studio and record a sample pack which retains the quality and punch of the hardware machine.

Recorded directly from our original, perfect condition Roland TR-909 with many control variations we managed to create a complete sample pack that is ready to use in your electronic music productions. Our TR-909 was routed and mastered using the high end outboard gear meaning this Roland TR-909 sample collection is as close to the original as possible
Totalling 126 individual drum sounds this pack aims to give you the most complete all round package. Every attention to detail has been made!

HY2ROG3N | 02/09/2014 | RAR5 SIZE: 3.16 MB

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So what are waiting for, stop reading this and grab this TR-909 sample pack and add some classic punch and character to your productions.

Included in this pack:

25 Bass Drum Samples
11 Snare Drum Samples
7 Closed Hi-Hat Samples
7 Open Hi-Hat Samples
3 Clap Samples
7 Crash Samples
16 High Tom Samples
16 Mid Tom Samples
16 Low Tom Samples
8 Misc Hi-Hat Samples
7 Ride Samples
3 Rimshot Samples

Note: (How to extract the RAR5 archive) You will need KEKA OS X FILE ARCHIVER to extract the RAR5 archive on the Mac OS X and if you have WINRAR v5.0 or above on Windows then you will have no problems in extracting the archive, HY2ROG3N.


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