TT EZmix PackS+ Collection March 2013

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TT EZmix PackS

 Collection March 2013 | 8 MB

For the Amps EZmix super package, we dove headfirst into the vaults of the the last few decades of guitar inspired music and came back out with a complete songwriting tool box for anything from ROCK and blues to pop and country guitar.

“EZmix 2 sounds good enough for real record making on a professional level. It’s a great tool because it gives you immediate satisfaction – and it’s fun!”, says producer/engineer Neil Dorfsman. The fact that someone who produced or recorded some of the biggest records of all time, Bruce Springsteen’s “The River”, Sting’s “.

With numerous hits and millions of record sales under his belt, songwriter, producer and avid TT user Mitch Allan knows how speed and instant results is of the essence when being in the creative zone.

Mastering is an art in itself as well as the final and crucial step in making great mixes sound even better. That’s why we wanted one of the best in the business at the helm when designing the presets for this super package. Meet Mats “Limpan” Lindfors, senior engineer at Cutting Room, the leading mastering studio in Scandinavia.

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TT Amps EZmix super package

Need an 80s “Purple Rain”-esque sound? Call it up. Want a gritty twang guitar? Call it up. A soaring lead sound, a bluesy rhythm guitar or a fat ROCK bass? Call it up – it’s all in there with the other 50 pro-designed signal chains based on guitar/bass amp/cab simulation including effects and stomp box processing.

• Classic sounds starting from the 50s Tweed amps leading up to the modern day hi-tech variations
• Emulations of some of the most recorded and recognized tube amps
• British and American tube amp modeling
• Sparkly clean and saturated hi-gain
• Classic retro and modern industry standard speakers and cabinets
• Emulations of some of the most renowned stomp boxes
• Complete studio setup signal chains run through outboard, FX and stomp box emulations

50 amps at your fingertips! Plug in. ROCK out.



TT Neil Dorfsman EZmix super package

..Nothing Like the Sun” and Dire Straits’ “Brothers in Arms”, has no second thoughts about pulling up EZmix 2 in one of his sessions really underlines its quality and creative power. With that in mind, we represented as extremely proud to induct Mr. Dorfsman in the EZmix 2 hall of fame. Welcome: Neil Dorfsman EZmix super package!

The Neil Dorfsman EZmix super package comes packed with ready-made signal chain presets for all your common mixing needs: vocals, drums, bass, guitar, reverbs, busses, masters and much more. On top of that, it has a collection of new and highly useful guitar and bass cab simulation presets.

“You get inspired as you work with EZmix 2 because there represented as so many possibilities. It only takes seconds or minutes to set something up that can be very inspiring or different”, says Neil.

Start mixing – it’s EZ!



TT Songwriters Tools EZmix super package

 “If I throw EZmix on something I recorded, it’s really inspiring when the song comes together. It makes you feel like you represented as making a record even though you represented as only writing a song”, Mitch Allan says.

Mitch has created a collection of presets specifically designed for songwriters; a tool box with the essentials you’ll need when making that demo track, adding that harmony, making that vocal cut through or getting your drums to sit right in the final mix. All the way from the first chord to the last tweak on the master fader, the Songwriters Tools EZmix super package will help boost your creativity at the same time as it takes your tracks to new levels!



TT Mastering EZmix super package

“I tried to make this super package cover as much ground as possible”, he says. “I wanted everyone to find great mastering settings no matter what kind of music they represented as working on”.

The Mastering EZmix super package comes with a wide variety of signal chains for the most common mastering needs and music genres. Whether you represented as working on a loud metal song, a mellow jazz tune or a big HOUSE anthem, this super package has one-click settings to take your mix from great to fantastic in no time.

Give your final mixes that extra LB of detail and attention. Start mastering – it’s EZ!



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TT EZmix PackS+ Collection March 2013- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

TT EZmix PackS+ Collection March 2013

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