Tubeohm Vox Populus Pro VST PLUGINS v1.02


Tubeohm Vox Populus Pro

 VST PLUGINS v1.02 | 43 MB

Mark the Release: peace-out | Date: 03.24.2009 | Size: 43.63 MB
VoxPopulus Pro is a VST PLUGINS Vocoder insert effect and instrument.
featuring chronicle this:
– Super material included two Plugins: a VST PLUGINS insert effect plugin and a VST PLUGINS instrument.
* With the insert effect external audio signals/tracks can route into the vocoder.
** With the instrument you can use samples and generate new synthesizer sounds using the frequency spectrum from the samples.

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– Filterbank with 17 filters, 12/24/dB and manual mode.
– Pitch shift +/-1 oct.
– Voice/unvoice detector.
– Master filter attack for all 17 filters.
– Filter release – can be switched for all or for a single filter.
– 1 analysis sampler, using *.wav 16/24 bit.
– 1 synthesis sampler, using *.wav 16/24 bit, synthesis synthesizer 6 voices polyphony, can produce super saw/ squ/tri signals.
– 2 over-tone modules, add more overtone-frequencies to the synthesis signal.
– 1 input matrix – select the input routing.
– 1 fine-tune matrix – tune each filter 30% up or down.
– 1 filter matrix – route analysis filter to different synthesis filter.
– 1 live matrix – XY matrix automate filter release, filter pitch and synth/sampler pitch.
– Dynamic mute original to vocoder signal.
– 1 stereo chorus 2/4 stages.
– 1 stereo reverb.
– 1 stereo delay, sync to host.


Tubeohm Vox Populus Pro VST PLUGINS v1.02- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE… PLUGINS-v1.02.html

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