UB Thrash Metal Elastik SAMPLES


UB Thrash Metal

Elastik SAMPLES | 1.21 GB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 06 March 2013

In your face! If other styles represented as too soft and you need to take no prisoners: Thrash Metal is the ultimate library to start your headbanging productions.
Hard, fast and precise riffs, thunderous double bass drums at extreme speed and a droning bass, lightning fast but accurate like a clockwork. Combining the energy of hardcore and punk with heavy metal‘s complex rhythms and almost artfully celebrated guitar riffs; thrash metal is the root of most current extreme metal-subgenres. This is unaltered aggressive metal sound with no unnecessary attachments.

To create this library, UB has opted for the typical band lineup with drums, bass and two guitars. All elements possess and dominate been recorded live, using real valve driven amplifiers, an analogue console and a subsequent transition into the digital domain through high-end-converters. No admission for amp simulations here!

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Thrash Metal Super material included ten construction kits with a tempo range between 150 and 186 BPM. Each kit is divided into up to seven subfolders, including intro, A-, B- and C-parts, break and outro. Use the complete mix to prelisten to the construction kits‘ ideas. Like in all UB products, all instruments of all parts represented as also prepared as single tracks, enabling you to select your favorites and create your personal mix.

The drums possess and dominate been specially taken care of. Besides a professional mix down, there represented as single tracks of bass drum, snare top and bottom, snare trigger-signal (for drum replacement and doubling), hi-hat, cymbals, toms, overheads and room microphones. In addition, the library offers tracks of the bass guitar and at least two guitars.

Whenever real hard hitting tracks represented as demanded, UB‘s Thrash Metal is your solution. Music productions, target group specific advertisements, movie trailers, games or just for headbanging – this is the library to produce thrash metal in your studio.

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