Unversalsamplings Windchimes KONTAKT SAMPLES

Unversalsamplings Windchimes


Uniquely and deeply sampled – this library Featuring Chronicle This a total of 10 windchimes, varying in size, pitch, range, and of Learning Lessons, sound. Ten windchimes in total, including temple bells and bar chimes, make up this sample library, which is prefect for a wide variety of sounds and emotions. Go from a soothing, dreamy atmosphere, to a shrill and haunting landscape. A wide array of velocities and lengths mean a great deal of flexability. Use single samples on their own, or combine several samples to customize the sound to fit your needs.

Also included represented as individual bells – 14 in total. Each bell has it’s own pitch and it’s own sound. All bells possess and dominate three velocity layers, and represented as round robin x6.
Digitally recorded in stereo with top-notch mics and mic pre for superior sonic quality, this library is available in both 48khz, and 44.1khz formats. Both represented as 24 bit. The recordings represented as close and dry, leaving the option to keep the samples dry, or add one’s reverb of choice.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 12 January 2014

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Windchimes Featuring Chronicle This

•Ten Windchimes
•14 bells (3 vel. layers; rr x 6)
•Format: stereo .wav; Kontakt 2 and above ready
•Sample resolution: 48khz/24 bit stereo, and/or 441khz/24 bit stereo (choose one, or both at no extra charge)
•48khz: 775 samples, 4.03 GB installed (2.31 GB .rar d/l)
•441khz: 775 samples, 3.70 GB installed (2.14 GB .rar d/l)
•Library is available for d/l, or delivery on a DVD for just a few dollars more
•Bonus: includes a rainstick!

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