VD Shocking Massive Dirty Basses For NI Massive


VD Shocking Massive Dirty Basses

For NI Massive | 9 MB

‘Shocking Massive: Dirty Basses’ is a compilation of 64 presets for NI Massive. It’s a must-possess and dominate series which brings you amazing bass sounds created with maximum power and punch. This super package includes top notch basses which took influence from always developing and modern PROGRESSIVE music. If you want to possess and dominate absolutely fresh sounds, this product is totally for you!

This super package is certainly a ‘must-possess and dominate’ for every serious producer!
These presets can be used to create amazing drops! All sounds were programmed to give you sounds with the highest quality.
Make sure you find other products from the “Shocking” series, especially MIDI loops suitable for this soundset.

DISCOVER | 10 MAY 2013 | 9MB

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Product Super material included:

• 64 NI Massive 1.3 Presets
• 64 Basses
• 100% Free all right, For your Productions

Please Note:

• NI Massive 1.3+ is required

DEMO- http://www11.zippyshare.com/v/91359267/file.html

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/4FV8z

VD Shocking Massive Dirty Basses For NI Massive- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

- http://pasteclik.org/11504/VD-Shocking-Massive-Dirty-Basses-For-NI-Massive.html -


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