VG Sylenth Trilogy Vol 1 – 4 for Lennardigital Sylenth


VG Sylenth Trilogy Vol 1 – 4

for Lennardigital Sylenth | 12 / 13 / 11 / 9 MB

The much anticipated and powerful synthesizer plugin gets the VG Sound treatment! Full dance, handsup and commercial trance power at your fingertips. Add in the many recreations of famous sounds, and here you go!

Pure trance with beautiful pads, tight arpeggio lines and smooth silky leads – its all in here!

 Powerful ELECTRO HOUSE basses and leads – this is fresh (and scary) food for your subwoofer!

Dominik DeLeon is a well-known European dance producer with years of experience, including producing famous dance acts, such as Dumonde. For this new VG Soundset, Dominik opened his archives and compiled his “best of” Sylenth presets, resulting in one awesome soundpack! VG Sylenth Soundset v4 has everything you need – basses, leads, pads and synths – to create a pumpin’ modern dance track. Go get this!
Mark the Release: 6581 | Date: 8 July 2013 | Size: 12.49 MB | Size: 13.32 MB | Size: 11.26 MB | Size: 9.8 MB

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