Vienna Chamber String Quartet Viola KONTAKT SAMPLES

Vienna Chamber String Quartet Viola


2 keyswitched Instruments
This is a keyswitched compilation of the best from the VSL Symphonic Cube Viola.
It may seem old now, but keep in mind even the newest VSLs still use these samples.

06/06/2014 | 800 MB

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2 categories:
Basic articulations: (keyswitch (C0 – F0) with 6 articulations)
Dynamic articulations: (keyswitch (C0 – G0) with 8 articulations)

KS explanation: I have used original names.
oV – ohne Vibrato (without vibrato)
mV – mit Vibrato (with vibrato)

This is Kontakt 5.3.1 instrument. It will not work with any earlier versions of Kontakt.

Instrument samples are compressed.
Instruments use from 66 to 76 MB of RAM alone.

P.S. – Cello will be uploaded soon with the same KS structure.
Also, I have tried and failed in creating a .nicnt file for this Chamber Strings library.
Someone should post a .nicnt file for there is already a beautiful wallpaper inside the library folder.


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