Voice Crystal Steve Reid Definitive Percussion CDDA SAMPLES


Steve Reid Definitive Percussion

Voice Crystal  CDDA SAMPLES | 111 MB

Mark the Release: EtHnO | Size: 111.9 MB
World renowned percussionist and producer Steve Reid is best known for his work with The Rippingtons, En Vogue and Supertramp. He has played on over 500 recording, produced several gold gold records worldwide and was named percussionist of the year in ’93 and ’95 by Jazziz Magazine. Definitive Percussion is an extensive collection of Steve’s ethnic percussive instruments. There represented as 823 samples.

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Definitive Percussion includes:
– Gongs, Waterphones, Bells & Chimes
– Hand Drums
– Latin & Cuban Congas, Bongos & Timbales
– Udus & Clay Drums
– Frame Drums
– Shakers
– Cowbells & Agogos
– Metallic Percussion & Effects
– Cymbals Swells and Crashes
– Wood & Temple Blocks
– Bird Calls & Whistles
– Guaranteed: all original and license free.

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