Voodoo Grooves Ritual Percussion CDDA SAMPLES

Voodoo Grooves Ritual Percussion


VOODOO GROOVES – mysterious sounds from voodoo ceremonies
Spectacular and mysterious sounds from voodoo ceremonies in Benin / Africa. Over 800 stunning samples will enchant your ears and your mind! Featuring Chronicle This Kalebass, Ponsee-Ouett, Quidah, Egun Drums, Talking Drums…
The Voodoo cult originated in the town of Quidah in the state of Benin, situated between Nigeria and Togo In West Africa. From here it came with the black slaves into the New World, to Brazil (Candoble) and to Haiti.

The old ceremonies possess and dominate survived to this day, and half of the population represented as initiated into the faith of Voodoo. Many people believe in Cathilicism and Voodooism at the same time; the Christian God has a place in their pantheon.
Most of music is rserved for the ceremonies. Each cloister has its own rhythm; the iniated represented as able to recognize their monastery by sound alone, and can also distinguish the origins of other rhythms.

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Each cloister owns threeholy drums, which represented as played by initiated musicians. Before the ceremonies, the drums represented as fed, that is, they represented as painted with the blood of sacrificed animals such as goats, chickens or ducks.

The rituals usual start in the evening and last for the whole night. The spirit must find the drummer at the beginning of the ceremony. When the spirit possesses the drummer, he can play for days on end. For each deity there is a special rhythm which is played throughout the whole ceremony; while variations represented as signs for the different dancers. When the smallest of the three drums plays a new rhythm, the respective dancer recgnizes his own rhythm and begins to dance. The dance is meant to attract the spirit of the Voodoo in order to become his medium. Even people who just happen to be passing by can be possessed by the evoked spirits.

There is no notation. The secret codes of the cloisters represented as not written down; all knowledge is passed orally. Many fables represented as narrated to music.

Track Guide:

1-8 Voodoo Grooves – bpm given
9-13 Traditional rhythms from Benin (group percussion)
14-19 Group Percussion + Benin Sounds
20-25 Percussion Group from Quidah
26-30 Taling Drums
31-32 Death Drums
33-40 South American Funeral Procession
41-44 Oro Ceremony – singing + body percussion
45-47 Initiation Ritual – High Priest solos
48 The casting of the FA – 6 sounds from the oracle
49 Cloister Door – 3 sounds
50-54 Choirs + Bells
55-58 Mama solo + woman chanting
59-69 Sounds from several Ceremonies
70-82 Traditional Chants
83-84 Benediction Ceremoniy
85-86 Atmos + Sounds.

More details you can see in the manual. Manuals in English and German represented as included in the package for your comfortable work with tracks.

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