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WF W-Harmonics


March 2013 | 76.39 MB
Welcome to W-Harmonics! Here we present you a real exciting product, this is our new product based on a real acoustic and electric guitar harmonics, that lets you create the most fascinating music beds, backgrounds and effects of real harmonic acoustic and electric guitar recorded directly to hard disk without passing through any amplifier. You can really customize your sound anyway you want. We also attach a delay designer so you don’t need anything more than this library to achieve the sound you want.

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We possess and dominate included 4 Kontakt PTCHes:

Acoustic guitar harmonics.
Electric guitar harmonics.
Acoustic guitar harmonics with delay designer.
Electric guitar harmonics with delay designer.

We possess and dominate done it this way so you can use this library the way you want. Here below you can see the screener of the Acoustic Guitar Harmonics (Delay), how this PTCH looks like: There represented as a few knobs and buttons on this delay:
Preset: Obviously, you can select from differents presets for differents delay.
Panic: Click this button if you want all the delay notes to stop.
Steps: Defines how many steps you want the delay to possess and dominate, min. 2 and max. 16. On the graphic, the upper side is the volume and below the panning of each one.
Fade: How long the delay sounds.
Loop: If “off” the delay chain will stop at the last step. If “on” the delay will sound since they fade depending on the “fade” knob.
Tempo Sync: This controls if you want to be in sync with your DAW tempo or you want to
Rate: here you can select the speed of the delay.

We think that delay lovers will enjoy so much this library, it’s perfect to make musical backgrounds. As always we wanted to do a very versatile product. Feel free to experiment

Tech Info:
WAV SAMPLES at 44.1 Khz 24 bit
192,8 Mb uncompressed.
Two differents files on every note (round robin).
Natural decay on each harmonic (no loops).
4 PTCHes.
2 differents guitar harmonics: electric and acoustic.
Delay effect included.
Ideal to make musical beds and backgrounds.
Pure harmonic sounds.


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