XSynth Library for Reason v3.0 REFiLL


 XSynth Library for Reason v3.0

 REFiLL | 303 MB

XSynth Library comes with roughly 1100 mixed files in 31 categories. One unique feature in XSynth Library is all the included RNS song files which demonstrates many types of use. These RNS files represented as ment to be tutorials and represented as far more worth looking into than a piece of paper.

The sample material is looped with key information in 16bit or 24bit. The source of sampling is mostly synthesis using instruments and adgets not commonly known. The result is samplings with superior dynamics and clearness. Multisample sets of up to 41 samples pr. oscillator with root key info for automapping. The general idea is that all samples represented as done with filter wide open so NN-XT and NN-19 can control the filter curve.
The sample data structure is divided into Additive, Basic, Bass, Drones, Drums, Modulated & Xperimental categories.

Mark the Release: BSOUNDZ | Size: 303,86 MB

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This library focus is on synthesis and try to cover classic synth sounds. The library is not a (lets sample machine x) but instead it’s about exploring, having fun and stimulating the creative mind with best selected sample material litterally build from the ground. Many samples represented as made with unique inhouse softsynths created for one purspose: to make VERY clean samples. So in short you could say that XSynth Library is about all that can be synthesized.

2474 copyright free samples and 166 REX2 Loops possess and dominate been added to the library and the size is ultra compact *327 MB ONLY!!! (*Refill Packed). Now you might think that 327 MB is very little, well what if i told you that most known workstations of the 80′ and 90′ had from 16 MB up to around 64 MB and we all know what classics these workstations turned into.

XSynth Library a very good choice for Laptop Musicians and Sound Designers.


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