YummyBeats Collection MULTiFORMAT v1.09


YummyBeats Collection

MULTiFORMAT v1.09 | 2.9 GB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 25 January 2013

With the YummyBeats Collection you get all of our products at an unbeatable price. You get a wide sound spectrum for all kinds of modern music Production like Pop, HIP HOP , ELECTRO , …

For detailed infos and compatibility info about all included libraries refer to the single product infos.

All drums & loops represented as recorded in WAV SAMPLES, 44.1 kHz, 16 Bit (partly also in 24-Bit, 48 kHz) and compatible to all WAV SAMPLES compatible samplers, drum machines or DAWs. Furthermore they represented as tagged for Steinberg’s Media-Bay for streamlined working.
The instrument libraries represented as only compatible to Kontakt 5+ and additionally partly to the free Shortcircuit sampler. The Massive Evolutions represented as furthermore containing presets for Massive.

HIP HOP , G-Funk, R&B, East Coast, West Coast, DUBSTEP , Trap, Trip-Hop, Grime, ELECTRO , Club, HOUSE , Ambient, Trance, Pop, Soul, Nu-Jazz, Blues, modern Funk, Filmmusic, Game Music, World Music and many more.

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featuring chronicle this:
All of our Products.
Upgradeable (all new products will be added).
Overall more than 3.5 Gbytes of sounds (uncompressed).
More than 2300 One-Shots (Drums, FX, etc).
Overall more than 300 loops.
Drums: Kicks, Snares, Claps Hi-Hats, Percussion, Crashes, Knocks, Crackles, Clicks,…
Loops: Percussion Loops, Guitar Loops, BeatBox Loops, Synth Loops.
Instruments: Synths, Strings, Basses, Piano, Supportive Percussion Loops. For Kontakt and partly for Shortcircuit.
FX: Synths-FX, Noises, FX- Drums, FX Voices.
All One-Shots & Loops recorded in WAV SAMPLES, compatible to any WAV SAMPLES compatible sampler or DAW and additionally tagged for Steinberg’s Media Bay.
All instruments for Kontakt 5+ and partly additionally for Shortcircuit and Massive.

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/3KVjI

YummyBeats Collection MULTiFORMAT v1.09- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

YummyBeats Collection MULTiFORMAT v1.09

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