SAMPLES-MediaSoftware Cinemascape II Soundtrack Construction Elements CD1-2 24BiT WAV ACiD-DYNAMiCS

MediaSoftware Cinemascape II Soundtrack Construction Elements CD1-2 24BiT


Our soundtrack-sculpting tools are designed specifically to encourage cinematographers to engage directly in shaping the emotional content of their works. Cinemascape II is an open invitation to filmmakers everywhere. Start with four royalty free, fully developed compositions that invite you to explore the impact of music and sound, and discover the ease by which these materials can be arranged in any DAW to score your scenes. Use these as-is, or as springboards for your own arrangements, and then augment your ideas by drawing from an additional folder full of sonic elements that will add depth and breadth. Unchain yourself from pre-packaged tracks and let Cinemascape sound files help you decide where you want your cuts and fades. Perfect 24-bit sonics and enormous soundstage processing guarantee that you’ll get master-quality results the moment you drop a Cinemascape file on your timeline.

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DG Ethnic Haze

Ethnic Haze


Underground urban beats rub shoulders with tablas, sitars, saz, flutes, duduk and more in this construction kit banger that sees Hip Hop meet the sounds of the Orient, India and the Arab world.
DigiNoiz continue to deliver the inspiration with 10 all-new construction kits (92-99bpm) packed with tight urban beats and a host of beautifully recorded and edited live instrumentals.

Over 160 melodic loops are included in this pack, including conga, lute, tabla, bagpipes, sitar, saz, flute, duduk, piccolo, piano, mandolin and many more – all the real deal, played by a selection of the best players around.

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Breakbeat Jazz 24BiT


If you represented as into that weed smoking, turntable culture of HipHop, then go right ahead, jump into the crate diggin sounds of Breakbeat Jazz. Original sounding breakbeats, mixed up with vinylstyle rhodes chords, jazzy basses, FX.
2100 Rex2 loops and more than 3700 Wav loops & samples, all produced and recorded for Breakbeat Jazz. This is the ultimate Breakbeat collection for any Stylus RMX & Reason user! The Rex2 Xpander series is an intuitively organized library specially prepared and organized for use within Stylus RMX and Reason, but of Learning Lessons also works with any other WAV and Rex2 reading software; Cubase, Logic, ProTools, etc.

The outstanding feature of the Rex2 Xpander, Breakbeat Jazz is its True Drum Loop Separation of ALL Breakbeats, the Kick, Snare, Hihat, Percussion, yes EVERY single elements of the break represented as provided. Finally vinyl sounding breaks you can mix, eq, tune and combine with thousands of other break elements, giving you infinite groove combinations, all edited and created by yourself, and playable at ANY tempo/BPM.

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What It Is 70s Analog Funk 24BiT WAV ACiD SAMPLES

What It Is 70s Analog Funk 24BiT


To create a Sony Sound Series Premium Collection you need to have it all – great players tracked in a great studio, a world-class producer at the desk, and dead-accurate loop slicing on a 24-bit block. What It Is! ’70s Analog Funk hits the grade with absolute class.
Let’s start with the technology. Colour me vintage – 24-track analogue recordings. The producer and the studio? Mark Whitcomb and 4,000 square feet of prime jam space filled with all the right toys. The sounds? Sweet, funky music played live by seasoned pros who built a non-stop idea mill and ran it for days to grind out the source materials for this brand new bag.

The environment: vintage kit drums, electric basses and pianos, real organ and clavinet, rhythm guitars, full horn section, congas, bongos and assorted hand percussion, vocal shouts, and more.
After the smoke cleared in the control room, we applied our editing prowess to fold more than 1.3GB of sounds into 15 construction kits that’ll put you on the fast track to making the tightest, most authentic, jammin’ funk this side of the Apollo.

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Sonic Mayhem Noize Loops Toxic Textures 2CD 24BiT WAV SAMPLES

Sonic Mayhem Noize Loops Toxic Textures 2CD 24BiT


tox·ic (tok’sik) : Capable of causing injury or death, especially by chemical means; a dump for toxic industrial waste
After the success of the original, award-winning “Noize Loops” sample CD, sonic mayhem is following up with their latest release, “Noize Loops: Toxic Textures,” a massive 2-disc collection of chemically altered Atmosphere’s. “Toxic Textures” Super Material included Ambient beds, bizarre soundscapes, dark drones, evolving drones , Orchestral beds, Stingers, Hits, swells and more. A must possess and dominate for producer of movies, trailers, commercials, videogames and music production.

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RL Gold Music 2 WAV SAMPLES16/24bit/MiDi/AiFF

RL Gold Music 2.0


Gold Music 2.0′ is a high dose of emotions, grand pianos, raw synths, deep and atmospheric pads, 808 sub kicks and strong drums. This super package is inspired by top artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Tyga, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, and Eminem. You’ll find over 1 GB of high quality Construction Kits in the 65 to 79 BPM range.
Available formats include 24-Bit and 16-Bit WAV SAMPLES, ACID/WAV SAMPLES, Apple Loops and MIDI.
About MIDI:
MIDI files allow you to assign these melodic phrases to your favourite synth or sampler, allowing them to slot perfectly into your productions.

Free all right, For your Productions:
This super package is Free all right, For your Productions, so you can use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes without incurring additional fees.

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