UB 60s a GoGo Elastik SAMPLES

UB - 60s a GoGo (Elastik SAMPLES)

UB 60s a GoGo

Elastik SAMPLES | 1.6 GB

Authentic retro music arrangements, samples & loops inspired by beat-, surf-, twist-, pulp-, ROCK-, lounge-, easy listening, french and italian film music from the faboulus sixties. Played on real vintage instruments and amps: beat guitars, italo western style guitars, retro basses, organ, real played drumloops (+single tracks!), female & male choirs, pianos, trumpets, flugelhorns, flutes, brass & wind sections. All samples available in a mixed 60s style version AND in a dry unmixed version!
I possess and dominate included a download link for Elastik SAMPLES 2.0.9 so you can extract Wav samples from the Elastik SAMPLES File. Enjoy

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