SAMPLES-Mutant Percussion WAV Ableton Live

Mutant Percussion

WAV Ableton Live SAMPLES

An unfortunate experiment has had the ShamanStems laboratory exposed to critical levels of radiation.
The surviving scientists managed to contain the area but their Elektron apparatuses have been permanently damaged, becoming unstable and unpredictable: otherworldly auditory renderings have been appearing and disappearing throughout the precipices in a seemingly uncoordinated fashion.
These peculiar sounds have been carefully recorded, edited and arranged as to perhaps provide an insight into the events that have transpired.
The final report contains the following: 1466 drum oneshots recorded using Elektron’s Machinedrum UW+ and Rytm’s EFM machines, 123 Toms,100 Claps,55 Claves,99 Cowbells,160 Cymbals,101 FM percussion,125 Snares,127 Hihats,222 Kicks,221 Quirky percussion,64 Piercing percussion,69 Shakers. The folders have also been mapped to 15 Ableton racks, with macro controls for sounds shuffle, transpose, detune, release, filter type, frequency , resonance and drive.

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TUTS-Electronic Music Production with Ableton Live TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Electronic Music Production with Ableton Live


Ableton Live 9 is the latest and greatest music software for electronic music. Whether you’re completely fresh to music production or looking to switch to Ableton Live, this is the course for you.
This complete course has over 9 hours of world class tuition from one of the planet’s leading trainers.
Join Ableton Certified Trainer and music producer Simon Stokes (Soma Records) as he guides you on how to create electronic music from start to finish in Ableton Live.
Ableton Live Made Simple!

If you love music, then producing your own is a no-brainer!
But learning your sftware of choice can be a daunting prospect.
That’s where Shoogle Studios come in, with this incredible comprehensive guide to electronic music production using Ableton Live.

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TUTS-DJing with Ableton Live TUTORiAL

DJing with Ableton Live


DJing is a growing profession. Ableton Live takes your live performances beyond anything achievable with turntables or CD players, making your sets powerful and unique. In this course, author J. Scott Giaquinta demonstrates the techniques DJs around the world use with Ableton Live. He starts with setting up your software and hardware controllers, and importing, warping, and keying tracks in Ableton. Next he discusses cueing and playing tracks, and using fades and the crossfader to mix tracks. Then learn when you should use a DJ mixer as opposed to Ableton’s internal mixer, and how to incorporate a microphone into the setup. Scott next introduces some performance tricks to wow your audience, by integrating loops, samples, and FX. He also provides a demo of alternative controllers that can make your performances more dynamic, including a Wiimote, joystick, MIDI keyboard, and live vocoder. Finally, he discusses methods to record your live DJ set and fine-tune it after the fact.

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TUTS-Trap Track Start To Finish In Ableton Live TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Trap Track Start To Finish In Ableton Live


This comprehensive course on how to build a trap track is delivered by BassGorilla founder Xenflex.
You will see every step of the journey in creating this dancefloor style trap piece in Ableton Live.

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MusicTech Focus – Ableton Live 2015

MusicTech Focus – Ableton Live 2015


Ableton Live 2015 is the latest Focus dedicated to Berlin’s finest DAW, and put together by the Live experts at MusicTech magazine. This time around we’re focussing on two very different, very large and very useful workshops for you to help you take your Ableton productions up a notch. Martin Delaney’s Ultime Guide To Ableton Live series takes you on a general Live course, starting at the beginning and then quickly entering the world of basic and more complex programming. It’s a six-part monster that will be useful if you are both a Live beginner or intermediate user. We also have a Build A Track From Scratch series of workshops that takes you from nothing to full on dubstep monster over 21 pages, but you will pick up essential tips and advice along the way for whatever the genre you produce. As usual we have plenty of more general features plus tips and advice plus, for the first time, reveal the studios your fellow Live users employ, so enjoy the issue and keep that music coming. Pick up Ableton Live 2015 now!

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TUTS-Arthur Explicit Creative Flow in Ableton Live TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Arthur Explicit Creative Flow in Ableton Live


In this parasitical training course you will learn how to create modern electronic dance floor music using Ableton Live.
In this practical training course you will learn how to use tools you have already for electronic music production. Electronic music got it’s secrets and we need to learn more and use other people experience in order to be more flexible and make music we like. Let me share some of my knowledge with you.

As a electronic music producer, I always need to learn new music production software known as DAW (Digital audio workstation). Every production software got it’s signature functions and also downside. Cakewalk was my first music production software. It was a good soft at the moment and I liked it a lot, I bought it in 1998. In time I moved to Logic 5 which known as Logic Pro now. Early 2000 Logic become very stable and most powerful music production software ones Apple took over the company. Since than Logic became OS only DAW and many people moved to Mac because of it. So, I did to and I glad I did!

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TUTS-Create a Finger-Drumming Rack in Ableton Live Basics TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Create a Finger-Drumming Rack in Ableton Live Basics


This course will teach beginners how to set up a session for recording in Ableton Live, records sounds created with items from your household and turn them into a finger-drumming rack.

Finger drumming is a fun way to develop simple rhythmical ideas and improve your coordination, even if you have never played an instrument. The recordings are made from items you’ll find at home.

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