Airbourne – Runnin Wild Multitrack WAV SAMPLES


Airbourne – Runnin Wild

 Multitrack WAV SAMPLES | 220 MB

“Runnin’ Wild” is the 1st single from the album Runnin’ Wild by the Australian hard ROCK band Airbourne. “Runnin’ Wild” is featured in the EA Sports video games Madden 08 and NASCAR 09,and was featured in a commercial for the 2008 game Battlefield: Bad Company. It is also usually played during warmups at Philadelphia Flyers games and is also featured on EA Sports NHL 09. The track was released as downloadable content for the music video game ROCK Band on August 12, 2008 and later for ROCK Band 2, but was removed for purchase on March 19th, 2010 for unknown reasons. It was also used in the trailer for the 2010 animated movie Tangled. Continuar leyendo “Airbourne – Runnin Wild Multitrack WAV SAMPLES”