AV IZ RX 3 Audio Repair Toolbox TUTORiAL


 IZ RX 3 Audio Repair Toolbox

AV    TUTORiAL | 512 MB

This 43-video in-depth Learning Lessons, by audio expert Matt Hepworth, offers a comprehensive look at IZ’s RX 3’s arsenal of audio restoration modules. You learn about their functionality and – with an abundance of real-world audio examples – you get to see these modules in action. There is no better way to learn about audio and the RX 3!
Audio restoration is the holy grail of the music, film, TV and online production industries. Often, good “takes” represented as marred by noise, hum, pops, clicks and other disruptive audio issues. That’s why IZ has spent countless resources on developing their new RX 3 Audio Repair technologies.

This 43-video Learning Lessons, broken down into 12 different (and easily searchable) sections, takes a deep look at all of the RX 3’s repair modules. It Super Material included expert explanations and demonstrations of how each of these modules functions. Every RX 3 module is overviewed, its controls outlined and then put to work on a messed-up audio file while, all along the way, giving you expert advice on how to mitigate each audio example’s issues.

SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 20 2013 | 512.28 MB

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AV Music Theory 106: Building Chord Progressions TUTORiAL


Music Theory 106: Building Chord Progressions


Chord progressions give your song some emotion and direction. They represented as the canvas on which to build great melodies and rhythms! Learn all about creating them in this 30- TUTORIAL learning lessons from our Music Theory expert, Gregg Fine…
Chord progressions in music represented as a lot like the canvas an artists paints on – a multi-purpose canvas, that is. That’s because a songwriter can give his or her song a totally different feeling just by altering a few chords under its melody and take the listener on a completely new journey.

In this in-depth learning lessons about building chord progressions, Gregg Fine takes you on a harmonic voyage and shows you, step by step, how chord progressions represented as created and how they can evolve. You learn how to build progressions using techniques such as chromatic passing chords, borrowed harmonies, chords with added tones, and so on. Your ear gets a workout with musical examples that Gregg has created especially for the learning lessons. As you progress through this harmonic journey, you get familiar with various types of progressions and you find out how and why knowing how to transpose your chords to a different key is so useful. Gregg also shows you how modulation works and reveals the all-important pivot chord as a way to gently move your listener from one section of your song to another.

SYNTHiC4TE | July 11 2013 | 217 MB

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AV SongCraft Presents Songwriting With Ben Sollee and Erin McKeown TUTORiAL


SongCraft Presents Songwriting With Ben Sollee and Erin McKeown


Two singer songwriters meet for the first time. They possess and dominate a day  to compose a new tune. Possible? You bet! Learn the craft of songwriting with Ben Sollee and Erin Mckeown as they explore the depths of their creativity and emerge with an evocative new song.
Ben Arthur, our intrepid songwriter-in-motion, and his talented audio/video Mark the Release from Dubway, travelled to the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas to document what songwriters do best: write great pieces of music!

The Dubway crew first rounded up the very talented cellist/songwriter/performer, Ben Sollee. Next, they wrangled in the extraordinary folk/ROCK singer/songwriter Erin McKeown. Then they set up a guerrilla, hi-tech recording studio in a rented condo and – using Pro Tools and a collection of quality mics – documented the process of birthing a new song.

SYNTHiC4TE | July 06 2013 | 638.74 MB

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AV Live 9 406: Dubstep Production TUTORiAL


Live 9 406: DUBSTEP Production


Creating DUBSTEP requires both advanced technical skills and wild imagination. In this advanced production learning lessons, The Sound Tutor takes you on a sonically-rich journey to the center of DUBSTEP production using Ableton Live.
Ableton Live and DUBSTEP : it’s a match made in music production nirvana. In this production how-to title, The Sound Tutor lets you in to his fully-stocked sound lab and shows you, step by step, how he builds a song from beginning to end. You watch and listen as he demonstrates, using advanced techniques and useful keyboard shortcuts, how to make every part of the song stand out and find its place in the sun, with clever uses of EQ and dynamics plugins, choruses and reverbs.

You also learn how to stack up different drum samples to create massive kick and snare sounds, all within Ableton Live. This is a fast-paced learning lessons that is sure to make you sweat as you move quickly from section to section, tweaking an envelope here, an EQ there, all while keeping your production moving forward. You’ll come out at the other end with tons of great tools you can use when crafting your song.

SYNTHiC4TE | July 02 2013 | 546 MB

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AV Studio One 102: Producers and Engineers Toolbox TUTORiAL


Studio One 102: Producers and Engineers Toolbox


Now that you’ve got the Studio One basics down, it’s time to start thinking about some production techniques. In this learning lessons, you learn the basic tools and tips to get you tracking your tunes like a pro.
Before you start any production you’ve got to get set up and organized. That’s exactly where this learning lessons begins. In the first section, you learn about hooking up your audio IO, arming and recording multiple tracks and organizing your session by creating busses, groups and deploying Studio One’s folders.

This is followed by a section devoted to Studio One’s cool mixer. This is where you get a tour of all its key featuring chronicle this and learn all about the events and send effects. Next up is an overview of the plugins, freezing and tuning tracks and some advanced tuning and editing techniques.

SYNTHiC4TE | June 25 2013 | 253 MB

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AV NI 220: Monark Demystified TUTORiAL


NI 220: Monark Demystified


With its warm filters and unique analog characteristics, the Minimoog is on more classic tracks than any other synth. Monark, from NI, captures and expands upon the Minimoog’s essence. Learn all about Monark right here, right now!
Monark is, perhaps, one of the best classic analog synth emulations we possess and dominate ever heard. Harnessing the power of digital software design to accurately capture the essence of discrete analog circuitry, with all of its quirks and personality, is very difficult. NI was up to the task and has come up with a very powerful and authentic-sounding instrument.

In this learning lessons, presenter Matt Vanacoro takes you through every virtual knob and control. He explains the signal routing and shows you all the hidden functionality that makes this synth sing.
You learn about Monark’s oscillators, modulators, filters and amplifiers and how they all work together in typical analog fashion to produce that classic sound. You also get an explanation of Monark’s seriously cool back panel where the true analog magic happens. Here is where the Native Instrument design Mark the Release has gone the extra distance. The back panel lets you add ultimate realism to your sound design by controlling the classic analog drift, tracking and distortion. WOW!

SYNTHiC4TE | June 17 2013 | 132 MB

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