TF Fareed Haque’s 1-2-3 Bossa Nova TUTORIAL


Fareed Haque’s 1-2-3 Bossa Nova


In this accelerated introduction to bossa nova rhythm guitar for intermediate players and beyond, Fareed shows you the authentic bossa nova rhythms and chord voicings used by the Brazilian greats including Antonio Carlos Jobim, Joao Gilberto, Luis Bonfa, Baden Powell and many others. Fareed breaks the style down into one versatile rhythm pattern that underlies almost every bossa nova tune and then shows you the classic chord voicings used by most bossa nova guitarists. You’ll put that all to work as you learn and play along to six etudes, each of which follows an essential chord progression found in many famous bossa nova tunes.
In the first section, Fareed drills down on the right-hand technique by dissecting and teaching it in three parts. All of the essential principles represented as covered including fingerings, hand and arm positions and use of the nails. Once you get a grip on the right-hand technique, Fareed reveals the key to the bossa nova rhythm pattern and steps you through several play-alongs until you nail it.

The second section is all about the essential chord voicings and moveable forms that you’ll need to take on the bossa nova songbook. You’ll learn the 6/9, minor 6th, minor 9th, dominant 13th, dominant 9th, half-diminished and diminished forms. Fareed also shows you embellishments for these forms – critical for bossa nova accompaniment.

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