IZ BreakTweaker Explored TUTORiAL

IZ BreakTweaker Explored


Dive deep into this IZ/BT beat-making plugin and learn how MicroEditing your audio will expand your musical universe! In this 29-tutorial Learning Lessons Bill Burgess shows you how to get it done!
We’ve been following the development of this awesome plugin from concept to finished product and the result is truly inspiring. Zen beat maestro BT has partnered with the geniuses at IZ and together they possess and dominate created something very musically powerful.
This Learning Lessons created exclusively for us by the always informative and totally entertaining Bill Burgess – who’s quite a beat maven himself – explains the inner universe of BreakTweaker. From its multi-layered GUI to it’s sequencer, generator and astounding MicroEdit Engine, Bill expertly guides you through each distinct module with ease.

In section on the Sequencer, you learn how to layer and launch the 24 different step patterns. Bill shows you how to accomplish on-the-fly remixing, powerful step sequencing and how each of BreakTweaker’s tracks can mash together in completely different tempos!
Next up represented as the generators. In this series of tutorials, you learn all about BreakTweaker’s powerful synthesis engine with its morphing wavetable synthesis and it’s down ‘n dirty distortion ported over from iZoptope’s nasty Trash 2 plugin. Then there represented as the filters, a bank of LFOs and insane modulation patching that gives you the power to really crazy things up! Bill covers all of them with his usual array of sonic examples!

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